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    Getting Rid Of The Wait

    The issue with warp gates, and the reason I did not propose them for this purpose, is that they are stationary. Stationary, which means you might as well say "grindy as god knows what" and "extremely hard to build with anything less than a Collective-sized faction". Even a station without a gate...
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    Getting Rid Of The Wait

    As of right now, Starbase (outside of the SSC) largely consists of waiting. A lot of waiting. Summoning the gods of waiting won’t even help here, there’s so much wait to absorb in our economically and spatially overinflated asteroid belt. Getting to a decent distance into the ‘roid field takes...
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    Starbase Community News: November 2020

    Thank you for featuring the first two chapters of The Race series!
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    Notification About Next Patch: Station Building and Change to Rail Cannon's Power Consumption

    If you get enough materials going that is. I wonder how many thousands of stacks of ore it'l require lol
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    Spaceship building limits

    There are square beams of various lengths that are used for the frame of the ship. There are also plates that are used to cover the outside of the ship. You can see a video on youtube by the developer that goes over the "Spaceship Creator"; The video should give you a good idea of its capabilities.
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    Helping larger ships to be more viable

    Loki, you raise a really good point. I suppose before buffing large ships we should see how they will behave once out of their current state into a more servicable one... I guess this thread might be a couple months early then, ha.
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    Ship speed, max speed and thruster spam

    I'd compare it to flying in space, if space was filled with invisible and yucky soup. There's no air resistance, the shape of your ship doesn't matter. It just slows down over time, nothing else.
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    Helping larger ships to be more viable

    Yeah, I think the spin-up idea is a good one. Making the warp drive be modular like the generators could be a lot of fun to play around with, as long as the visual language gives a clear indication of the generator parts being different and incompatible with the warp drive parts (although if it...
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    Helping larger ships to be more viable

    Yeah that's fair. Didn't really think it through that far, but maybe something could be done along the lines of the drive only being able to activate outside of the sz or something.
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    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 46 (2020)

    Poggies it's the proggies!
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    Single ship size limit instead of separate limits for different things.

    Reminds me of them CPU limits back when Robocraft was installed on my PC, hah. Fairly good idea, though; Also gives less clutter on the SSC screen I suppose.
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    Build 290 Feedback Requests for Alpha Testers

    Oh this very much
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    Helping larger ships to be more viable

    I'd like to preface this by saying that this is simply my opinion, and it may very well be that I am wrong. If you disagree with anything here, or have anything to say on things like formatting, please do tell me and I will gladly discuss the issue with you and if applicable, do my best to fix...
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    Starbase Community Hypevan Send-Off

    Long live the hypevan, you will be missed! If I ever get my hands on a blue-ish working van I know what I'm slapping on the sides, that's for sure.