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  1. XenoCow

    To all engineers: What will YOU try to achieve in StarBase?

    Not to invoke the "AdVeRtIzMenT Police," but one of the things that FOX will be doing is maintaining a "Most Wanted" list. If someone stirs up enough trouble, they are likely to end up there for all to see (and to collect rewards on). So far the list's empty, but that's likely just due to the...
  2. XenoCow

    Am I the only one that is reminded of the game robocraft by this?

    I get where you're coming from. I played Robocraft back before it was a MOBA "Back in my day"... There is that same sense of freedom to build all sorts of crazy designs for ships, and lots of planning that goes into protecting vital components. As long as Starbase doesn't become a MOBA too, I...
  3. XenoCow

    Fire control field editors.

    You don't have to remove the chip. It could be housed in one of those chip readers that hold the chips with the flat part outwards. Then you would access the fields with the universal tool. For what you are interested in, more specifically, you could change value(s) in the memory chip (or just...
  4. XenoCow

    Fire control field editors.

    Couldn't this be done with buttons and YOLOL? For switching between two values, the button states could be set to the two different field values to toggle between and the name of the button set to the field name of the device that you want to edit. If you want to switch through many options...
  5. XenoCow

    Update 13.1.2020 (Alpha 331)

    Missiles are awesome, but more frames are awesome too! I'm also interested in the new LOD rules. They sound like they were inspired by the recent battle where ships would pop in and out because of LOD changes.
  6. XenoCow

    ByteSized Tutorials

    Although TheSingularDank beat me to it while I was working on this, I still think that there is room in the Bytesized series for a short weapon damage effects video. Enjoy!
  7. XenoCow

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 1 (2021)

    You know what this means we should start seeing soon... 🚀🥳
  8. XenoCow

    Magnetic Shields

    I then worry that Last Jedi warp weapons would be super destructive against large ships.
  9. XenoCow

    Magnetic Shields

    I think a simple one could be to make ships resistant to boarders by preventing endos from magboot locking to a ship. Either the field generator would have to be used or special boots would have to be used. A potential way to do this same way would be to have a material that cannot be locked to.
  10. XenoCow

    "Naval"/"Aerospace"/"Space" Code Proposal

    Once ship transponders are added, perhaps it will be possible to set them uniquely in some way. So to change the code of a ship, it may be necessary to swap the transponder. That's only if transponders can't be altered easily like normal YOLOL fields. I suggest using HEX numbers so that each...
  11. XenoCow


    I understand where you are coming from, but I don't think that the vision of the gunships that FrozenByte has is quite in-line with what the current turrets offer (when used as weapons), at least for now. Even if they were working as intended they would be too slow to track light targets. Lauri...
  12. XenoCow


    This clarification does make a big difference. Hopefully this will assuage some people's fears.
  13. XenoCow


    This makes me think of another aspect of large ships that we haven't been able to test at all. Ammunition. None of the battles have been long enough to require reloading of any weapons, giving fighters with difficult to reach magazines equal footing as gunships with ammo stores and accessible...
  14. XenoCow


    I'm trying to imagine these tripod turrets in the context of other future weapons (missiles and torpedoes) and other crewed ships. I'm imagining that multi-crew ships become like B-52 Flying fortresses, the mounted guns are for the purpose of deterring fighters, not destroying large targets. In...
  15. XenoCow

    Notification About Next Patch: Old Robur Removal

    I hope the new station that takes its place is that much robetter.
  16. XenoCow

    Griefing and social engineering policies

    I think that that does sound like a good idea to stop some social engineering schemes, but it still is in the interest of a fledgling mmo to try to protect it's new players long enough to get them hooked. I think FB have good reason to be worried about new players as much as they are. What...
  17. XenoCow

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 50 (2020)

    I like the new concept asteroids. They look like they allow rarer minerals to be harder to extract from the base asteroid, rather than being all like big hard boiled eggs. Also, I like that the different ores could be spotted from further away.
  18. XenoCow

    Update 10.12.2020 (Alpha 312)

    Does this mean that the SSC is safe to use again?
  19. XenoCow

    Griefing and social engineering policies

    I think that compared to the entire ring around Eos, the safe zones are very small. The intention is that any players who want to experience danger will probably be playing mostly outside the permanent safe zones and storing their things at faction stations far from origin. The initial safe zone...
  20. XenoCow

    Clarification about dev faction blueprint sharing (don't do it)

    Why do you think that? In any case, don't you think that having a game-wide policy to not spread the blueprints of your faction, regardless of dev status, should exist? If factions wish to allow their former or current members spread blueprints, that's their prerogative, but the problem of...