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  1. Kenetor

    Community Ships Vol 2!

    Following on from my first look at the ships you amazing people have been making, we jump in to another set which raises the quality and design bar just bit a higher. Enjoy peeps!
  2. Kenetor

    Become a K-Bot TODAY!

    The K-Bot Company aims to be a friendly place to grow, learn, and play the game as group. You wont be forced into only company activities and are free to pursue personal goals except for joining other factions in addition to this one. Our main goals will be decided by our members as we grow...
  3. Kenetor

    Starbase Community Ship Designs + Free Download!

    Wanted to highlight some of the ships you lovely people are doing as well as give you a little something extra to help you on your way Enjoy!
  4. Kenetor

    Starbase Community Faction Interview - Save Our Ships AND Rising Sun Corp

    A double whammy for you guys today since i forgot to post the Save Our Ships interview here and now we have my latest on from Rising Sun Corporation too! Enjoy!
  5. Kenetor

    Starbase Community Faction Interview - Skyjak Industries

    hey everyone I have another Starbase Community Faction video for you! come say hi to ship makers SkyJak Industries!
  6. Kenetor

    Starbase Community Faction Interview - RAMBO

    The Rambo faction sat down and told me a bit more about them and their plans for Starbase. Now I can share with you guys too, Enjoy!
  7. Kenetor

    Frozenbyte Interview

    sadly not a video by me, would be amazing if i could interview them. This is from Modus Games on the their facebook page, worth a watch!
  8. Kenetor

    Starbase Ship Building Process

    Want to know how to build a ship in Starbase? then this video is for YOU, welcome to the ship building process for Starbase. Hope you guys enjoy this one as I did making it, dont forget to like, sub and share with your faction mates! Shout out to the cat ear and MOAR DAKKA crews out there ;)
  9. Kenetor

    Empire, Kingdom, Neutral, WHY did you pick your side?

    I'm quite interested in the hugely different membership numbers from the discord, I want to know what was it that made you pick your side. Was it the name, the colour, someone tell you to and think hell why not? lets hear your story peeps Kenetor
  10. Kenetor

    Thankyou Devs!

    Hey everyone, id like to make this a dev appreciation thread so post your thanks and praise here, for the last 5 years they have poured into this game for us and since announcement they have been giving us great video content, talking with us on discord and being very open and friendly. This is...
  11. Kenetor

    Developer Battle - My thoughts and comments

    I give my thoughts & commentary on the recent dev battle, This fight is awesome & gives us a taste of what is to come! If you enjoy, please leave a comment! or check out my other videos, new ones weekly! Kenetor PS, Kingdom FTW ;)
  12. Kenetor

    Kenetor online, beginning introduction....

    Hey guys and gals, im Kenetor, massive fan of all things space and robots/mechs so this game already ticks ALL the boxes for me! I am also making videos for Starbase and other space games on my youtube, ill link these below. I'm really looking forward to designing and making new ships and...