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  1. Kenetor

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 17 (2021)

  2. Kenetor

    The downfall of Starbase

    I wasn't trying to twist any narrative, and I meant quick fixes to anything not just bugs. As for everyone else saying they have had time for sorting this out, you underestimate who long things take in the game dev world as well as how interconnected a lot of these features are. don't get me...
  3. Kenetor

    The downfall of Starbase

    yet the devs have stated constantly the CA is a test bed and proof of concept, they avoid short cuts and "quick fixes" to provide proper solutions, yes these take longer but it means they don't have to undo quick fixes later which will cost even more dev time. CA is not supposed to be a working...
  4. Kenetor

    Getting Around the Universe and Tedium

    scale is important for games like DU and SB, if you can get anywhere and everywhere quickly, the game would just be filled with griefers and would feel small. As far as I know there is no ship based ftl travel systems, we do have warp gates that we will be able to build as part of a station and...
  5. Kenetor

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 15 (2021)

    nice! thats a CHONKY tank!
  6. Kenetor

    Nuanced Thruster System Through Simpler Mechanics (All Ships Can Go Max Speed)

    all ships travelling max speed is BORING and bad for gameplay, without variety in speed, there is no need for better designs, there would be no chasing anyone as once at max speed you would never gain ground on them. Also picturing the centurio going around like a fighter is just broken in my...
  7. Kenetor

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 12 (2021)

    LETS GO! Solid pipes and cabled hmmm, interesting to see what will come of that, and bring on the large generator!
  8. Kenetor

    Update 25.3.2021 (Alpha 396)

    oh bigggggg HYPE! If anyone wants to try moon "landing" the K-Bot Dynastinae is there for testing this, its built for gravity
  9. Kenetor

    Station inventory full

    aye, we need more reasons to set up little lots everywhere. it will be key income for player stations too to offer space for people wanting to live out of your station that arent in your faction, provided its a public station of course
  10. Kenetor

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 11 (2021)

    mostly due to less low hanging fruit in terms of content and a lot of bug fixing.Bigger things seem to come with the content drops however as well as a few features being locked behind other content that needs to be finished. so while it doesn't make for good reading, progress is still progress :)
  11. Kenetor

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 11 (2021)

    HYPE! Ship Diagnostic Scanner will be a great addition and new armour mechanics are incoming! cargo lock refactor is complete too, very very nice!
  12. Kenetor

    Station inventory full

    There used to be a limit of around 10k items, but this turned out to be a bug, Lauri says it should be limitless, but huge inventories cause issues. In the future I believe the intent is to have limited station storage that you can extend by building a lot and putting more storage in there
  13. Kenetor

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 10 (2021)

    Interesting! we got some new devices here!
  14. Kenetor

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 9 (2021)

    Dont worry, its jus a for the looks ship and the change increased the speed to max anyway, we were very happy with it
  15. Kenetor

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 9 (2021)

    Ive got a ship working fine with 2 plasma thrusters
  16. Kenetor

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 9 (2021)

    oh yes Plasma Thruster Supports are looking GOOD! Also, finally the tugger is put out of its misery! It will not be missed :p
  17. Kenetor

    Update 3.3.2021 (Alpha 376)

    yes! was dying to get shift copy for decals!
  18. Kenetor

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 8 (2021)

    i mention this in my latest video: its in the design phase now and we currently haven't seen an image of it yet