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  1. Kodey

    Rails and Rail Movers - Requesting feedback on current rail usage

    How have you been using Rails and Rail Movers so far? I've been using the rail turn table as a more compact small turn table, that uses less parts How much have you been using them and how important are they to your designs so far? Currently I've been mainly using them for propellers If...
  2. Kodey

    Tiered thrusters and generators is a mistake that will hurt the game long-term.

    I love this post. Tiered thrusters seem cheaper and unfulfilling the more I think of them. The Plasma thruster is fun to design around, I want more things that both enable us to design around things, and give us more freedom instead of the same thruster wall.
  3. Kodey

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 23 (2021)

    New tripod update, and working ladders!
  4. Kodey

    A Gmod Wire/E2 vet ready to get his hands dirty

    If you're coming from those games, you'll love Starbase! Especially if you're coming from Gmod, the building is similar in form to gmod's building. Also, have you checked sites like
  5. Kodey

    Official Screenshot Showcase Thread

    It's a *little* edited, but still very cool.
  6. Kodey

    Manual Beam Welding - Requesting feedback on a design suggestion for replacing attachment plates

    I think this is a great solution for any builder who makes heavy use of attachment plates like me, and it'll 100% help with increasing the accessibility of our heretical building. I could not ask for a better replacement for attachment plates.
  7. Kodey
  8. Kodey

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 22 (2021)

    OH SOLAR PANELS! ISS, here I come.
  9. Kodey

    The Removal of Attachment Plates

    Here’s a photo from Dusty! They’re a great ship designer, and they’ve even managed to make a weapons rack with the attachment plates.
  10. Kodey

    Official Screenshot Showcase Thread

    Despite her wings being clipped, thrusters shot, and only running on one engine, she still found a way to fly home! Sadly, she won't survive her attachment plates being removed.
  11. Kodey

    The Removal of Attachment Plates

    I’ll keep that in mind. Your words have been heard
  12. Kodey

    The Removal of Attachment Plates

    There's a dev response to this, and this is currently the most updated one. Keep in mind, I've had to change a few things in this post, but it's otherwise the same. Earlier today, the devs announced that they were removing attachment plates. While I wanted to make this big post about it, I...
  13. Kodey

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 21 (2021)

    Morningstar added! Sadly the Cutlass still isn't in the QS shop, though. Guess it'll have to sit in the random shop for a little longer.
  14. Kodey

    Starbase Community News: May 2021

    Glad to have been part of this! And there’s some very nice stuff from the community! I’m sure I’ll be using the audio devices video by venture a lot.
  15. Kodey

    Update 5.5.2021 (Alpha 443)

  16. Kodey

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 17 (2021)

    Plaen time
  17. Kodey

    Capital Ships FAQ

    Yeah that’s a downside, but I imagine it’s for performance. But we’ll have to wait and see how it goes when they’re eventually added. I feel like it’ll be a bitter sweet thing.
  18. Kodey

    Capital Ships FAQ

    It's a great thing to hear that we can build capital ships from scratch, but! What does the designer look like? Will we have the same freedom as the normal SSC, or do we need to only have X amount of angles (90, 45, 30, 15), or can we have more "heretical" angles?
  19. Kodey

    Official Screenshot Showcase Thread

  20. Kodey

    Audio Signal Device Mark II-B ("jukebox") Moderation

    The Jukebox will likely just be a device that plays sounds that can be turned into music. Here are a few quotes from sauli about the new audio device, starting from most recent.