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  1. Kibbles

    Teleporting Back To Empty Ship

    Right now I've got a bit of an issue. So my ship has ran out of fuel which means I can't go and de-spawn it. Whenever I try to fly to buy more reactor rods, I get teleported back to my ship. I'm sure an quick insurance transfer would fix this, but is there any other way?
  2. Kibbles

    Ship Builder Upgrade

    I know that the game's in Alpha, but I just wanted to write up some suggestions for the ship builder that'd be crucial/really nice to have. First, I'll start by describing the issues I've had in particular. First, the right mouse button, this is used for both removing cables and such from your...
  3. Kibbles

    (Post Stable Release) VR Development?

    I know this is a stretch, but after the game is stable and running, it would be a really nice feature to add in VR support to the game. I feel that Starbase could be one of the top VR games if it's done correctly. In Starbase, there is already lots of features that make a great VR game. For...
  4. Kibbles

    Torn off Limbs?

    So I was just looking around and couldn't really find an answer to this. What would happen if your arms got torn off, are you still able to use weapons/tools and if only one arm gets torn off, would the tool be less efficient or maybe reloading takes longer with possible a one hand animation...