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  1. Verbatos

    A small fear of mine - the problem with the global server

    The game has been running well in alpha so far, people have been enjoying it, builds are being shared, groups are interacting and people can meet any other player from around the world, all thanks to the global server/P2P system. As wonderful as the upsides of the system are, I have a small...
  2. Verbatos

    Starbase balance & meta thread: Ship roles

    I got into a discussion recently about ship archetypes and balance around them in a different thread* (which I suggest you read before this one) and so at the request of @five I have made a separate thread to discuss. What do you think the dynamics of ship types will be as the game progresses...
  3. Verbatos

    Hard limit on speed

    I saw a post that was made a month or so ago, that was decrying hard limits in video games, and that got me thinking a bit. I have come up with an idea to restrict the speed that spacecraft can go in the game without making a hard 150m/s limit. In my head, this idea will allow for more...
  4. Verbatos

    Weird Jobs

    Everyone's always talking about becoming a pirate or running a manufactory, what are some weird jobs that you think some people might actually do in-game? Post them! Maybe you'll inspire someone to take up a not very obvious job. Here are a couple I can think of off the top of my head: Arena...
  5. Verbatos

    wiki faction list

    I have done the first half of a faction list on the wiki, I have copied the faction list from the discord server, but I know that there are more factions that are not on the discord list, if there is a faction you think should be added to the list, add it. List...
  6. Verbatos

    What is this thing?

    In the weapons video, when the plasma rifle is mentioned, it shows a device I haven't seen anywhere else before, what is it?
  7. Verbatos

    Tractor beam clarification

    If I had a tractor beam on a light ship and I activated the tractor beam at a high speed, to attach to an object bigger than my ship, would I be able to swing my ship around the point the beam is attached to, or would I lock in place?
  8. Verbatos

    Rental lot clarification

    I understand the basics of the rental lots, blue is unowned, red is owned, green is owned by you, but if you do not own a lot, can you move through it or run your ship through? If you couldn't freely move through rental lots, what if you stowaway on someone else's ship and they drive back...
  9. Verbatos

    Faction switching

    Will it be possible to switch factions ingame? What I mean by that is if it is possible to switch from neutral, to kingdom, to empire, then back to neutral (or something similar) again? O
  10. Verbatos

    What languages will be supported?

    I've been thinking about starbase's language settings, how many languages could you pick from? Also, what languages do the fanbase speak?
  11. Verbatos

    What will be the server size?

    I believe that large servers would be a good idea, since a lot of the big factions are multiple hundred strong, and it would be fun to have major, large scale space battles. Unfortunately, processing power is an issue, so I think that servers might only have a small number slots each. But I...
  12. Verbatos

    Vulture Scrapping and Repair Company | now hiring | always looking for customers!

    VULTURE SCRAPPING AND REPAIR COMPANY CURRENTLY HIRING | ALWAYS LOOKING FOR NEW CLIENTS! WHAT WE DO —————————————————————————————————————————— At the Vulture Scrapping and Repair company, we provide a whole range of ship based services! You can pay us to fix and upgrade your ship or we can pay...