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  1. Lukas04

    PTU Update 17 August 2021 (PTU Build 556)

    Starbase is in a difficult spot for this. Whenever people want ships to survive longer, they complain that they cant see Voxel Damage anymore as much as advertised, and even slight buffs to armors even often cause fights to become very stale. Then if people want ships to be destructible a little...
  2. Lukas04

    PTU Update 17 August 2021 (PTU Build 556)

    Very happy with letting us spawn free ores within the PTU now, thanks a lot devs! though preferably the PTU would still just be another instance of starbase in the steam library, instead of a beta you have to switch your main install to. With that and the option to spawn in ores now, testing...
  3. Lukas04

    EA Update 13.8.2021 (EA Build 550)

    Company Storage is set for September on their Roadmap....Wish we had it already though aswell.
  4. Lukas04

    Public Test Universe now open!

    Please make the PTU its own seperate game in the steam library instead of a beta. Switching to a Beta is always a pain, as after having played enough of it, switching back to the main build will always require another download. Having it as a seperate install would help a lot with making it less...
  5. Lukas04

    The research system

    Again, the system can be avoided in many ways. I agree its to grindy, and the game doesnt really help a lot on knowing of those, but they exist.
  6. Lukas04

    The research system

    You dont need to research things to get access to them, you can get design Blueprints and buy them in the ship designer (works for single parts too), buy premade ships from ship shops or buy things from the auction house without researching anything. Researching things is usefull for Easy Build...
  7. Lukas04

    The SSC desperatly needs more Quality of Life.

    In normal development for sure, but this is close to early access. I dont want perfect UI for a game that is in early access, but a good UI will change a lot on how the game ends up feeling for the player.
  8. Lukas04

    Final review and suggestions before EA after 600 hours in CA

    Risk of Rain 2 had a short and small message about the games state, short enough that people read it but had enough context to explain what people should expect from it. Also had some cute art of one of the enemies next to it so it gave a different vibe than something like an Eula.
  9. Lukas04

    The SSC desperatly needs more Quality of Life.

    As i said there for sure are issues with the editor besides what i mentioned, things mentioned on this tread focus on the design of the editor itself, not what it has to fullfill on the tech side or how Starbase requires devices to be build. I personaly think cables and pipes should be merged...
  10. Lukas04

    The SSC desperatly needs more Quality of Life.

    At the moment the SSC (Space Ship Creator) is at the same time one of my favorite but also least favorite parts of the game. I really like creating ships in Starbase, but there is one thing keeping it from having a good flow and being as much fun as it could be. That issue is the editor itself...
  11. Lukas04

    Small-Scale Base Building

    Then hide it. It will be really hard to find bases far, far away from origin, especialy in fog clouds. And since there is no safezone, it will also be harder to know if a base is even in your current Zone, as you wont get that notification. I just think that any type of normal safezone would...
  12. Lukas04

    Small-Scale Base Building

    I feel like people usually appreciate Risk/Reward Situations. Multiple Hours of time is still something i would accept to loose if i didnt hide my base good enough. Even stations are technicly temporary, asuming the Station Sieging ever becomes a thing, just with more steps to it. And if you...
  13. Lukas04

    Small-Scale Base Building

    I think the game is currently in a big need of Base-Building that can occur on a smaller scale than current Stations, but also a higher one than just Lots. Coming from games like Space Engineers, people will expect to be able to own their own base of operation, it will be where they will spend a...
  14. Lukas04

    Update 10.3.2021 (Alpha 383)

    And the Nightblade killed another Weapon. Mission failed succesfully.
  15. Lukas04

    What is Frozenbytes stance on applications like ReShade?

    Been interested in this question recently, since i wanted to try and see if through ReShade i can make the games color pallete a bit more appealing to me. Though obviously, this is an online-game and i could imagine it being a no-go just for that fact alone.
  16. Lukas04

    Getting Rid Of The Wait

    I really like the idea of a seperate dimension you can warp in to that is pretty much empty, in wich the distance in it is way lower than in the real dimension, similar as mentioned here before with Minecraft and other Sci-Fi travel types. Using the Space Fog to add some Hazards would definitly...
  17. Lukas04

    Notification About Next Patch: Change to Safe Zone Size and Changes to Ore Material Requirements

    Great change, the ore cost has been quite a bit to high. This should keep giving ores a value without being to much of a grind.
  18. Lukas04

    Ideas on how to improve the Cargo-Lock-Frames

    At the moment there is an inbalance in the Cargo Devices in the game. Modular Crates are pretty much the best way to get ores from A to B, and raw ores are by far the Best way to get money, as hauling an Asteroid reduces the total price by way to much. Ignoring that though, there are 2 other...
  19. Lukas04

    Recatek's Spaceship Designer Wishlist

    Dragging it or having to press like CTRL + Mousewheel to change its current size.
  20. Lukas04

    Recatek's Spaceship Designer Wishlist

    I think one thing they need to add is that there is only one Beam, but that you can change its size by a button press, instead of having to chose each one from the UI. Would speed up building so much for me.