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  1. Joelfett

    Industrial Grade Capital ships

    Industrial grade capital ships specialized to haul large quantities of items or tank large quantities of fluids, or being a flying factory, They are not able to engage in conflict but still can be assigned a number of defenses like onboard guns and armed endos in the event of a pirate attack...
  2. Joelfett

    Unable to craft when crafting bench is attached to my ship

    I have collected all of the proper materials to craft some replacement plates for ones i lost outside of the safezone, over 3 stacks of bastium for a few small plates, however, the crafting bench i attached to my ship says i have no materials and i therefore cannot craft the proper plates.
  3. Joelfett

    Help section for basic thruster problems related to ship durability

    The title says it all, Your ship is probably going really slow because there is a missing plate that was apart of the blueprint or another one just doesnt have a million bolts to secure it. There is a setting located in Game menu > Settings > Gameplay > Ships & Safe Zones > Disable safe mode of...
  4. Joelfett

    The purpose of the build tool

    What is the purpose of the build tool without refined materials?
  5. Joelfett

    Thread about impossible to mine asteroids

    This is a thread for discussion about the new impossible to mine asteroids that have recently been appearing, and may or may not be plaguing random people such as myself
  6. Joelfett

    Unable to mine

    One of the core game mechanics has become broken for me, like the title says, i am unable to mine, left clicking does not create fragments, and right clicking does not create nuggets, it plays the striking animation, but no particle effects, and the sound file for a missed swing plays instead of...
  7. Joelfett

    MFC keeps using large thrusters to maneuver

    Like the title said, The MFC on the ship i am designing keeps using the large thrusters along with the maneuver thrusters to maneuver, this is making movements inconsistent, turning to the left triple the speed of turning to the right, how do i get the MFC to only use maneuver thrusters to...
  8. Joelfett

    Game crashes immediately after loading into universe

    The game keeps crashing immediately after loading into the universe Here is the crash menu:
  9. Joelfett

    Starbase freezing after a few minutes in game

    When ever i load starbase, after a few minutes it just freezes, preventing me from playing it, not only that, but when i get out of the game, steam is closed down. Any idea how to fix it?
  10. Joelfett

    Unable to exit third person

    Stuck after hitting left alt key in third person, i looked through the controls menu twice and couldnt find a way out, any help is accepted.
  11. Joelfett

    60 Seconds

    60 seconds till release according to my laptop clock
  12. Joelfett

    Post your starbase release day memes here

    Be it links, direct images, or mediafire posts, post them here so everyone can see.
  13. Joelfett

    Repurpose closed alpha server for a limited size unreleased update build

    I think it would be a good idea to repurpose the closed alpha server for use as an unreleased update build for playtesting of future larger updates like the ones found on the roadmap that have images for them. But then keep the server to a severely limited size like maybe max 1000 players at a time.
  14. Joelfett

    Not only freeform manufacturing but linear manufacturing when factories are better implemented

    A lot of factory games i play are using linear machines (flexible machines that serve a single purpose) and this is the first one where the freeform machines are not made of small linear machines, please at least consider using a 3d printer as a factory machine, or maybe a stamper for hot metal...
  15. Joelfett

    Smaller stations

    According to what the video posted on station mechanics a few days ago, i had an idea based on that, the large stations have a dynamic safezone that can be disabled if conditions are met, i assume these large stations will also have large signatures, things like light, thermal output, signals...
  16. Joelfett

    Why are empire and kingdom at each others throats

    Itd be really nice to know why the 2 biggest and oldest factions hate eachother so much
  17. Joelfett

    "Warp" Drive for small ships

    Ive been thinking about this for a while, its a distant possibility, but the implementation for warp drives on capital ships is cool, what about changing that idea to a high speed drive for smaller ships with a few sensible changes. For example: The high speed drive (Not called a warp drive for...
  18. Joelfett

    Contraband style devices

    A set of items or augmentations that have boosted stats but are also illegal to carry with you and are deadly if overused or will blow up or break in some fashion
  19. Joelfett

    Starbase Factories

    Ive done some looking, i may be nearsighted on the internet but i dont believe i have found much information on factories and automation of them related to this game. So i am starting a discussion thread specifically about that for other factory obsessed people like myself to find information on it.
  20. Joelfett

    Remote explosives and sabotage?

    I have been following the development of this game and have noticed something that has caught my eye, along with factories and weapons, i have noticed the possibility of sabotage using remote explosives and dismantling tools. I myself love remote explosives and sabotage, so I was hoping to see...