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  1. Quevin

    What do you guys think about the playerbase situation? what do you think about the future?

    I'm waiting for the player base to stabilize before getting my opinion on it. To be fair I've said this many times in discord, I didn't except most players to play for more then 2 weeks. unless they love the SSC.
  2. Quevin

    Is it me or do others not like the switch to larger devices either?

    I'm not sure why we are getting a switch to these larger devices, but they really don't feel good to design with ... They are simply just to big ... All devices are relatively small, however for some reason we just got a switch in the last couple of months to devices needing to be upscaled...
  3. Quevin

    PvP Server

    Has there been any discussion about separating PvP and PvE in different servers? Starbase PvP server - A single Origin Station with a 5km safe zone. - Player made stations require upkeep (to prevent station spam). - Player made stations also have a reduced safe zone (~1km). - Combat Tagging...
  4. Quevin

    Sieges and their effect to PvP

    Lauri, we aren't talking about starting a siege with Civ Cap Ship, however what is there to prevent camping a station 24/7 when having a Civ Cap Ship at the edge of the asteroid field (a max of 30 min drive with 150m/s ship to the middle of the belt). As Civ Cap Ship are invulnerable it to me...
  5. Quevin

    Sieges and their effect to PvP

    With all information we have. Excluding the most important; we need to find those stations and get there Dev Coords somehow (currently unexplained). Its still better to go top or bottom of the belt and place a Civ Cap Ship and camp the station 24/7 which is a max of 30 minutes of flying toward...
  6. Quevin

    My ship isn't flying straight, and how to fix this!

    Troubleshooting guide to help you to get your ship to fly straight! Check 1 Issue: Your hardpoint doesn't have 2 bolts connected to your beam framework. Check: Open your Integrity Tool (6 by default), set visibility to only show Hardpoints. If there are any Yellow Boxes on the Hardpoints...
  7. Quevin


    out of curiosity, what are the main reasons the old turrets weren't possible? To my understanding it would only be possible if they were made cheaty / removing features from them. Because the amount of options we get from old turrets to me vastly improves the game, so I would be down for...
  8. Quevin

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 34 (2021)

    Agreed I prefer the old progress notes format aswell. was more informative about changes and what is happening in general.
  9. Quevin

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 34 (2021)

    Armor Rebalance incoming :rolleyes:
  10. Quevin

    Improved navigation tools: Gyroscopes and Inertial Sensors

    play gps will never be accurate or reliable. Simple example: use player gps on the moon!
  11. Quevin

    Improved navigation tools: Gyroscopes and Inertial Sensors

    100% agreed, we have been asking for this since the beginning of Closed Alpha.
  12. Quevin

    So what is going on with Xhalium?

    To my knowledge Xhalium and Targium aren't in the game, however device still require them. We have yet to get an explanation on the matter from a dev.
  13. Quevin

    The Need For Pvp in current state of the game.

    Dude, its clear you have no clue what you are talking about, I've litterly done exactly what you stated here. Guess what following targets out is almost the only viable way. and Yes its honestly boring AF, most ships won't go outside the Safezone. Again, PvP in general has issues on all fronts...
  14. Quevin

    The Need For Pvp in current state of the game.

    To you everything PvP is griefing xD guess what everything outside the Safe Zone is fair game, any situation involving 2 players is considered PvP, even if the other person doesn't shoot back or has nothing to shoot back with. its still a Player vs Player situation.
  15. Quevin

    The Need For Pvp in current state of the game.

    Radiation tech isn't going to fix underlying issue with the PvP side of the game. Your best defense on all ships is to go at max speed. Even assuming rad. detection is in, try chasing a transponder target. If the target goes close to anywhere near max speed, I wouldn't waste your time and just...
  16. Quevin

    The downfall of Starbase

    Steam => Starbase description: ===Building and designing spaceships and stations=== Building and designing spaceships in starbase, has an initial learning curve, however once you figure out how ships in starbase work. you will soon find out how limited you are in actually designing your ship...
  17. Quevin

    Away with thruster walls.

    This thread had become talk about max speed not about thruster spam / walls, i want build diversity, long ships to be viable instead of opting to go for a max surface area ship to spam thrusters at. Look at almost any ship in universe, their entire backside is full of thrusters. Not all ships...
  18. Quevin

    Away with thruster walls.

    Less device spam in general is a plus in my book!
  19. Quevin

    I really hate small ships with a lot of weapons

    I honestly would love to use 1-4 guns setup max, however they are in general to weak to accomplish anything. Current balance to guns have little to no impact, as most combat uses burst fire and resource restrictions only limit time between shots.
  20. Quevin

    The Woe of the Renegades/ Are the Villains of the Free-Space at risk?

    So ... overall terrible read, TLDR: Community says pirates are bad, devs please fix. PvP is and will get updates, the devs are aware. This game will have its PvP community and mark my words, it will be "Rust in Space". KoS everywhere, people might not like it today, but they will have to deal...