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  1. Lukas04

    The SSC desperatly needs more Quality of Life.

    At the moment the SSC (Space Ship Creator) is at the same time one of my favorite but also least favorite parts of the game. I really like creating ships in Starbase, but there is one thing keeping it from having a good flow and being as much fun as it could be. That issue is the editor itself...
  2. Lukas04

    Small-Scale Base Building

    I think the game is currently in a big need of Base-Building that can occur on a smaller scale than current Stations, but also a higher one than just Lots. Coming from games like Space Engineers, people will expect to be able to own their own base of operation, it will be where they will spend a...
  3. Lukas04

    What is Frozenbytes stance on applications like ReShade?

    Been interested in this question recently, since i wanted to try and see if through ReShade i can make the games color pallete a bit more appealing to me. Though obviously, this is an online-game and i could imagine it being a no-go just for that fact alone.
  4. Lukas04

    Ideas on how to improve the Cargo-Lock-Frames

    At the moment there is an inbalance in the Cargo Devices in the game. Modular Crates are pretty much the best way to get ores from A to B, and raw ores are by far the Best way to get money, as hauling an Asteroid reduces the total price by way to much. Ignoring that though, there are 2 other...