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  1. Quevin

    Is it me or do others not like the switch to larger devices either?

    I'm not sure why we are getting a switch to these larger devices, but they really don't feel good to design with ... They are simply just to big ... All devices are relatively small, however for some reason we just got a switch in the last couple of months to devices needing to be upscaled...
  2. Quevin

    PvP Server

    Has there been any discussion about separating PvP and PvE in different servers? Starbase PvP server - A single Origin Station with a 5km safe zone. - Player made stations require upkeep (to prevent station spam). - Player made stations also have a reduced safe zone (~1km). - Combat Tagging...
  3. Quevin

    My ship isn't flying straight, and how to fix this!

    Troubleshooting guide to help you to get your ship to fly straight! Check 1 Issue: Your hardpoint doesn't have 2 bolts connected to your beam framework. Check: Open your Integrity Tool (6 by default), set visibility to only show Hardpoints. If there are any Yellow Boxes on the Hardpoints...
  4. Quevin

    The downfall of Starbase

    Steam => Starbase description: ===Building and designing spaceships and stations=== Building and designing spaceships in starbase, has an initial learning curve, however once you figure out how ships in starbase work. you will soon find out how limited you are in actually designing your ship...