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  1. Feature109

    With ships constantly dissapearing does it makes sense to even buy ships?

    I have lost around 8 ships now. I lost most of them at the start, in the easy-build hanger while I updated them. I watched one break in half and never could find the cockpit. Lost another two ships heading 1k out to a company station. When I got there it said the passenger did not have rights to...
  2. Feature109

    add Recip for refill NOT Empty TANK or Fuel ROd

    100% this is an annoying one. I just spent 4.5hours heading to my station and when the tank ran out I went to refill it... sorry, not empty! It has .011 fuel left, not enough for a maneuvering thruster to burn off and too much to be considered empty. I am now wasting another 6 hours to...
  3. Feature109

    Clarification about dev faction blueprint sharing (don't do it)

    There is two large gangs, where I live, and they will kill anyone wearing their colors around their territory. I guess this is the world we live in. The blueprints just save time manufacturing an asset. They are not needed to recreate a concept and I personally would rather the pieces to study...
  4. Feature109

    This Game is Missing Something Crucial

    I am willing to bet that more "niche" games have died than made it. I am 100% sure I know nothing about what makes or breaks a game design nor do I care to. This game will reward you for ingenuity, gathering, and networking, can't these tread milly functions fill that void? Just because you...
  5. Feature109

    Max speed needs to vary by weight

    Good points. It should be dangerous to haul or move massive ships. There should be a formula added, thrust/Mass=Speed. In the WWIIOnline sim, as long as I had my altitude and speed in the 109E and F, I could pick my fights. It came down more to a pilots SA(situation awareness) that would keep...
  6. Feature109

    To the people that got CA and those that haven't

    Can I throw my 2-cents into the wishing well? I am not a CA player, I have only known about the game for around a week now. I have watched streams, videos, CA players design and redesign, made some very nice CA and none-CA friends, even been taken under the wing of a clan, but I don't think the...
  7. Feature109

    The downfall of Starbase

    I re-read Quevin's post a few times and I agree with your defense for him, 80%. Unless you guys are sitting in on the internal meetings about the path and changes to the game, you have no idea what they are working on or have already addressed. Keep in mind, this game IS still software, every...
  8. Feature109

    Away with thruster walls.

    The Us government asked me why I was spamming engines all over the back of the ship? I could only reply with "It is the only way to get the ship to max speed" duh
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    The downfall of Starbase

    I might be a boring guy that does not get out much, but this broken, unfinished game held my attention last night. I spent over four hours watching another player design, and redesign a ship and met a few nice people along the way. The funny part is, it held my attention and I am not even...
  10. Feature109

    Ship speed, max speed and thruster spam

    I guess it is how you look at it, as a mechanical engineer I consider that as vertical and horizontal, not angled
  11. Feature109

    Ship speed, max speed and thruster spam

    wish I was in the alpha to test, but not yet :-) I have a steadily growing list of things to test.
  12. Feature109

    Ship speed, max speed and thruster spam

    @Verbatos you have my thoughts correct, but if you had a speedometer telling you you are moving in the x direction at a rate of 150ms and also reading 150ms in the y direction you are most certainly moving at 212.1ms in the xy direction. That is simple geometry. The big question is how the game...
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    Ship speed, max speed and thruster spam

    I never said angled thrusters, that was CalenLoki's comment. You could say a 90 degrees angle is an angle but I would not call that angled. Imagine a ship moving 150ms forward, if you can add speed in any of the up, down, left or right angles and maintain 150ms forward you are moving faster than...
  14. Feature109

    The SSC desperatly needs more Quality of Life.

    Nice post. great suggestions! I live in CAD programs and would never find commands without the grouping of like commands. I have yet to get into Alpha so I have not used the program yet, but one thing that stood out was the smoothness of the program. From the videos I have watched, I am amazed...
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    Ship speed, max speed and thruster spam

    If you cap the speed to 150, what would keep someone from thinking outside the box? Ship A has enough thrusters in direction x to achieve 150ms. Ship B has enough thrusters in direction x and y to achieve 150ms in two directions, achieving 212.1ms on the hypotenuse. If you want to jump out of...
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    Spaceship building limits

    Thanks Xenocow, I believe you. I watched a guy building a ship using 5° increments or close to that. Thanks for the reply!
  17. Feature109

    Spaceship building limits

    Found it: And my question as well:
  18. Feature109

    Spaceship building limits

    Hey Yogurt, I am like you also, stuck on the outside looking in. I thought I read building limits were in 15 degree rotations, wish that could be confirmed. I am using a CAD program to model a craft, but lacking the parameters/limits to follow. I believe a crafts wall thickness is 48cm (24cm...