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  1. Kodey

    Easy Build Mode Makes Me Cry

    As the title says, I don't like Easy Build Mode(EBM). It's a cool idea to help players from SE or Rust easily transition to SB. However, I don't like how it's taking over station design and especially Capital ship design. I'm worried about the testing/experiment feeling will be gone if capital...
  2. Kodey

    Free Ships For All!

    So after some thought, I've decided to release almost all of my ships to the public! This pack will include 20 ships that people are free to use! Here's the pack, and the current "flagship" ship would be the Ulfberht, a ship which I've updated for EA and to be more user-friendly. It's...
  3. Kodey

    Ship Shop Ships

    Recently, there was a leak involving someone reselling "perfect" replicas of ship shop ships, and this has brought up some concerns. For me, the biggest concern is how this person is making 2mill credits from OUR designs, yet ship shop designers get literally nothing. I can't help but feel like...
  4. Kodey

    A year inside the SSC

  5. Kodey

    A WW2 SB Propaganda Poster

    This is probably my very fist time trying something like this, but I think It turned out well for a first try.
  6. Kodey

    Aerial Assault Combat

  7. Kodey

    The Removal of Attachment Plates

    There's a dev response to this, and this is currently the most updated one. Keep in mind, I've had to change a few things in this post, but it's otherwise the same. Earlier today, the devs announced that they were removing attachment plates. While I wanted to make this big post about it, I...
  8. Kodey

    Ion Engine/Drive

    (original message by Mr. Pea#4115 , just posting it on the forums because they didn't know how) A large thruster which consumes minuscule amounts of a special propellant, and lots of power to move medium to small ships over long distances. It will be completely modular so people can adapt it to...
  9. Kodey

    Voronoi-Based Armour

    Currently, using plates smaller than the biggest size is a terrible choice for any ship, and is the equivalent of space butter. However, I feel that it'd be possible to mitigate this problem with Voronoi-based armour. This a visualization of what I mean, one big plate with a single Armour...
  10. Kodey

    Curse Bolting for a Blender Builder

    I really like building planes, however, they are really round, and when you try to recreate these shapes in SB with the intended, it's not exactly round. So, i was wondering if someone had some tips or an in-depth guide on curse bolting for a blender builder?
  11. Kodey

    Hey, I'm Birb Guy Kodey

    Hi, i'm Birb Guy Kodey, I came from SE, and I've been following for the develop for a while until i learned about the discord. I'm mainly here for the ship building and long flights (i love a long flight). You've probably seen me on the discord, posting my monstrosity of ships i made in blender...