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  1. Foraven

    You know what would make players more likely to leave the origin safe zone?

    One ideas I have been thinking about for some time is why most players stay around the origin stations. Sure, that can be attributed to the risk aversion of players, but that's not the only reason IMO. It's because we have the auction house there, available to all 30 origins. Everyone wants to...
  2. Foraven

    A question about "local power" on weapons.

    Isn't that supposed to be the weapon's dedicated battery? However, as far as I can tell ship weapons barely draw from it and instead drain the ship's batteries. Why aren't ship weapon use that buffer instead of draining the ship batteries?
  3. Foraven

    Station Destruction Test Event today on PTU

    Station destruction events are back! Station destruction test event!
  4. Foraven

    Starbase station destruction PTU test tomorrow!

    It's been announced today on discord. Seem like it will be a fun event. Destruction Test Event on the PTU tomorrow (Saturday, October 9th at 19:00-21:00 UTC)
  5. Foraven

    Actual armor plates.

    I posted something similar on Reddit (under Foraxen name). Anyway, here the simplified idea to make armoring ships easier to do and less reliant on stacking large plates: Light, medium, heavy armor. To make them actually useful over normal plates, give them immunity to small arms (ie...
  6. Foraven

    Navigation buoy and refuel stations.

    Can we have some waypoint buoys on the way to the new stations? Some easy way to know where we are going when not using 3rd party devices like ISAN (and it is only usable within 1000km). I am struggling just to get to the new market station, let alone go to the moon or the future pvp station...
  7. Foraven

    Are the shop ships being updated?

    I noticed many ships from the ship shops are outdated, especially when it comes to their uses of yolol. Are the original makers of those ships making updates or planning to? It's sad as several of the ships displayed can't be bought at all due to their uses of outdated ship parts no longer in...
  8. Foraven

    Blueprint filler?

    Seem like a nice feature... When it does work. Anyone has any tips on how to use it effectively? I seen a video showing it drawing nearby spare parts to the ship, and I seen it draw parts from my inventory to repair a ship, but it does seem to have a mind of it's own.
  9. Foraven

    How easy it is to repair a ship?

    I'm asking since i've had a bad experience trying to rebuild a ship after trying to figure out where the yolol chips were hidden. I could use the repair gun on it, unfortunately, not the wiring or the bolts to hold the stuff in place. My FAL-4F3L is just way too compact and complicated for be to...
  10. Foraven

    Repairing ship is a pain.

    One thing I learned the hard way today is that while we can restore ship parts with the repair tool, the tool doesn't restore connections and bolts along with it (that means parts would just float away as soon as they are made). I've just been creating lots of spare parts for my Epic Shipyard...
  11. Foraven

    Are the Empire and Kingdom still a thing in Starbase?

    Do these factions still exist or have they been dropped over the course of the closed Alpha?
  12. Foraven

    Is there any other (relatively) safe zones outside the Origin stations?

    I am wondering if there is somewhere else to go right now for me as a solo player, it does get rather dull to hand around the Origin Stations.
  13. Foraven

    How many batteries do I really need on my ship?

    How do I know if I have enough or too many batteries on my design? I have a heavily modified Laborer Module where I have 16 batteries on it. Only have 6 tier one box Thrusters on it, most of the other stuff don't consume much (no mining laser and such). Did I go overboard with batteries?
  14. Foraven

    Setting up forward and backward throttle on the same lever issue

    Installed both lever and yolol for it to work, and worked for some time. However, ever since I setup Isan on my ship, the single lever throttle keep bugging out and only work forward. Managed to make it work a bit but then it resetted to it's buggy behavior. Any idea what could be causing this?
  15. Foraven

    Maneuvering Jets firing at inopportune time.

    I don't know why, but lately the maneuvering jets on my current ship just fire weirdly. Sometime my ship start turning on it's own or the reverse thrusters fire when I'm actually going sideway... Not sure what triggered this, I just heavily modified the ship I started in easy build mode...
  16. Foraven

    Got some trouble with phantom damage on a ship i'm building.

    It's a new easy build ship I made using new parts I recently unlocked. Problem is, the ship reports damage whenever I move it and it move extremely slowly while making loud noises (adding or removing thrusters don't seem to change anything). Can't find the damage anywhere though. Is my ship...
  17. Foraven

    Why does tutorial ship generator burn through fuel so fast?

    One thing I noticed right at the start of my play with this game is how inefficient the Laborer generator is; it burn at full capacity regardless of actual need for energy. Had to lower the output and eventually turn the thing off whenever I was idling as to not chew through rods at an alarming...