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  1. Oobfiche

    The blueprint system is killing this game

    the original plan for a "steam workshop" was that you pay for the blueprints in-game in some form of UI marketplace where people sell blueprint chips with the ship's design as a preview. but they never got the time to add it in because it required other features to be in the first place
  2. Oobfiche

    Starbase Community News: April 2022

    Thus the news gos on a slow pause, but all of them are good. ill wait for more as ever, good job to those that submitted.
  3. Oobfiche

    The Removal of Attachment Plates

    the designer was busy with the blueprint update as he was the only designer that does this and that
  4. Oobfiche

    Player Retention Feedback - Important Short Term Changes

    I honestly dont have anything to say, as im only wired for station building and industry. so i have no general experience of anything here besides the factory hall's headless client going on the fritz and LOD rendering Config's also going on the fritz. for whatever problems and reasons related...
  5. Oobfiche

    Starbase Player Council Report - Q1 2022

    well given the members are very much likely veterans, few of them are already pvp oriented just for the sake of it that the devs know of in a instant.
  6. Oobfiche

    Sieges are coming to PTU

    well you have a ownership limit and those derelicts can be claimed and used by other people. and a future station cluster mechanic
  7. Oobfiche

    Sieges are coming to PTU

    removing the core wouldnt demolish the station. it will still be in a derelict state and in ownership
  8. Oobfiche

    Warp trace

    and civilian capital ships are highly limited in terms of equipment and where they can go, for instance they cannot 1. go to the belts 2. cannot land on moons 3. only able to travel to other existing stations with a compatible dock and 4. cant carry as much cargo or special equipment
  9. Oobfiche

    Spaceship Production?

    they are working on both. the update will not come out to live until all dependancy features are in. this includes the factories, item crates storage halls hangar halls and station overhaul. and everything else to give a reason to siege
  10. Oobfiche

    Spaceship Production?

    the planned consept is to use a factory hall a projector and a blueprint chip of your choice, theres many ways to fill in to complete the ship from slow and easy to hard but fast. and automated or manual
  11. Oobfiche

    Sieges are coming to PTU

    you can already attach tripods to stations from anywhere its not a factory hall thing
  12. Oobfiche

    Mouse Control - just one request

    isint there also like 3 types of mouse movement in games and people only perfer one that locks the mouse and the other "follows" it?
  13. Oobfiche

    Question to the devs about unfair stations and capital ships use.

    they are already looking into this issue as it is already well known.
  14. Oobfiche

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 8 (2022)

    yeh im not entirely sure about it (also yey im back. lost my discord account though so this will be some time before i even get back on discord) i missed alota stuff but some of it is... interesting.
  15. Oobfiche

    Easy Build Mode Makes Me Cry

    SSC designers for stations moon bases and capitals are already planned. the idea the devs had is to make it compatible with EBM in some form (likely the lot designer from CA. where it had 2 editors that you swap to and changes what parts you use) its pretty much the same thing as kodey's idea
  16. Oobfiche

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 49 (2021) - Spaceship insight

    well its not actual insurance, your just buying another ship in full price. only thing it saves is time. you dont save any money or resources
  17. Oobfiche

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 45 (2021) - Insight into the next steps for Capital Ships

    the warp gate is staying. just the other moons wont have one
  18. Oobfiche

    What is the plan to make capital ships less boxy?

    for the editor part a SSC attachment for the capital ship hall is planned
  19. Oobfiche

    So, what's the point of asteroid mining now?

    serves as the first place to go until the other ores are introduced. there will be belt only and moon only ores. and for moon only ores there will be ores only spesific to that moon. so moon A will always be special to itself than Moon B C or D. as moon A only has that material founded over...
  20. Oobfiche

    EA Update 1.11.2021 (Early Access Build 701)

    it was a bug that caused asteroids to not spawn properly