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  1. Sven Drunken Heart

    YOLOL Virus/Corruption Game Play

    I looked in this forum but I didn't see any mention of this idea. I know that this idea won't be universally beloved, but I would like to share it anyways. I think that malware related game mechanics would be very interesting. I'll put my rough ideas below, and thank you to the few who take the...
  2. Sven Drunken Heart

    How to make the biggest conceivable ship in the game

    Hello all, Firstly, take this post with a grain of salt. This is just me (poorly) mocking up an idea in sketchup and presenting it to you, the reader. Secondly, this is a ship design that is easier to think of as a carrier type vessel that tows 8+ other specialized ships. Essentially, the main...
  3. Sven Drunken Heart


    Newby from the USA. Veteran in EVE, space engineers, and Star Citizen victim *cough* pledge since 2014. Joined the Empire because as a 40k fan, I feel obligated to serve the Emperor. I plan to fully exploit this game's automated manufacturing system until my YOLOL chips all catch on fire. And...