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  1. riley

    Decimal Representation in YOLOL

    On the wiki it states YOLOL numbers are represented as 64 bit fixed point decimals and can store up to 3 decimal places. Looking at the maximum and minimum values it's obvious to see that the underlying representation is a signed 64 bit integer. With that representation how can decimal...
  2. riley

    Large ships

    Just wondering if there is any reason that anyone can think of, to build overly large ships. I am also wondering whether in the future there could be support for faction bases being able to be based in moving structures rather than be unmovable.
  3. riley

    Riley's intro

    Hey I'm Riley. I love space and sandbox games and as soon as I saw Starbase I instantly wanted to play. In my free time I do a lot of coding so I am also really excited to get started with YOLOL. I would also be very interested in being involved in the closed beta, if I can still join.
  4. riley

    YOLOL chip limitations

    Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but I have been unable to find conclusive information on this. Are YOLOL chips always limited to 20 lines of code? If so that means that means as per another post I read about sharing state between chips, that large programs may need multiple chips if they...