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  1. About capital ship design at the station

    I was building a capital ship at an old station and adding a hanger hall. However, I confirmed that the hanger hole was not working. When I watched a personal broadcast, I confirmed that the hanger hall would work if I installed a new station and built a capital ship and a hanger hall. Is...
  2. Hope for the asteroid to revive.

    I'm bored without updates. I sometimes go mining to kill time, but the amount I can get is insignificant. Instead of updating, revive the asteroid to get rid of boredom.
  3. I want a quarry without an official station in the distance

    I want you to create a place where only new ore exists after 3000km. Currently, there are two mining sites, Origin and Moon, both of which have official locations to serve as bases. Privately owned stations are used by creating quarries that are very remote and have no official base. It may...
  4. I'm taking a new part for the station.

    I don't speak English, so please forgive the machine translation. There are few things to install in stations, so there is no reason to add more stations. Therefore, I would like to see more decorative devices dedicated to stations. I want something that is mainly electric. I want moving walls...