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  1. MAXD

    A Survey about Obelisk Users

    Hi everyendo, I am the designer of the Obelisk in Rando. I am planning to remake Obelisk because it's outdated. I will add features to suit the game with heatsink. I also need feedbacks from my customers. The questions: 1. Why did you bought it? Or what's the point it attracted you? 2. What...
  2. MAXD

    Today more than one of my friends are banned with no reason (they spent most of their time in SSC)

    I dont even need to prove them clear because they are just SSCers So their experience may like this 1 fitting the buggy world of SB (more than half cant do and quit) 2 losing ships(which they seldom use because they always SSCing) or ore with bugs and nearly quit 3 get banned without even a...
  3. MAXD

    Some of my friend are ready to quit because the ore and ship eating bugs (especially the refunds)

    I know a guy lost a ship and be sent with his ship AND hundreds of rare ore And now my friends at 1k deep in the belt lost there full loaded mining ship and waiting to quit. Dont know the logic of the refunds I lost a 128crate mining ship because of the player station SZ bug(attacked by pirates...
  4. MAXD

    The Gates and Fast Travel Visual Effects

    I think two last things we should improve is fast travel gate. And also the visual effects , too. First, the gate itself is too skimp or simple. It's just a ring shaped station frame. And fast travel has no visual effects through the whole way to the moon. I dont think it's hard to do or will...
  5. MAXD

    Transmitters are station only now?(on wiki)

    There wont be transmitter for ships? What about all my plan for drones and other remote control stuff?
  6. MAXD

    One-way glass

    We must expose our driving seat out side, and also no camera and 3rd person. Can we have at least one-way glass like vehicles in real life? At least our ship will look nicer.
  7. MAXD

    Different types of ammo drum

    Will we have a smaller or bigger type of ammo drum for all the mounted weapons? I thought if I want to add an autocannon on Vasama , the ammo drum would be too big. It looks strange and easy to be hit.
  8. MAXD

    Stone Age Battle?

    We don't have a basic radar or something to show other ships in UI. Third person perspective when driving ship is also not allowed. We also don't have any FTL travel or other fast travel device. And we won't have shield. We can't even place turntable thrusters or other moveable ship parts. It's...
  9. MAXD

    Magnetic wheels?

    We will have moon, right? Cars on moon maybe useful.
  10. MAXD

    What will happen if I force to break the 94000 limitation?

    A member of my faction asked: Can I bolt ships together to make a bigger one, even bigger than the limitation? Will he be able to link cable with everything? Will it be abl
  11. MAXD

    What's our loading rules? We won't load areas with no player?

    What will happen to my automatic factory when I log out???
  12. MAXD

    Endoskeleton questions.

    If I lost my both arms, can I pilot a ship? What limits will appear when I lost my limbs?
  13. MAXD

    Turntable with networks (pipe and cable) for more complex structures.

    Asked about whether we will have turntable linked with pipe and cable on Discord days ago. Reply from FB: If there are more players want that, they will add it. My suggestion is to have it in the Early Access will be good. I don't want to influence Close Alpha too. Anyone else also want it...
  14. MAXD

    For got to introduce at the first time. Hi!

    I am from faction Helios. Helping with some translation works in our group. It's the first time I met a MMO space sandbox game. Hope to see you in space!
  15. MAXD

    Can I change this color?

  16. MAXD

    About charging a ship without a generator

    How can I charge a ship like Vasama ? Can I link cable from another ship? Or there are cooler ways?
  17. MAXD

    About locks on the YOLOL chips

    I noticed that in a video of combat , the YOLOL chips on a ship which is bought by the cameraman is locked . What's the rules about the locks on the YOLOL chips ?
  18. MAXD

    There are frame of 45° right ? What if I put thrusters 45° up or down ? Would fly control respond when I press W to move forward ?

    Or if the drive seat can be turned by a plate or something els. Then will my 'WASD' direction change?