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  1. Network?

    Are we talking about the same networks? Under "my" network, I mean TCP/UDP connection with the real-world services, not with nearby players in-game. UPD: Re-read your sentence, got your thought. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Network?

    I assume the output to be here not here because normal user won't search the variable he needs, you see? YOLOL needs to have cout or print() Or is there something I'm missing?
  3. Network?

    I read the whole wiki page and a couple of threads, nothing about the network. Guess I can't do much with YOLOL - I can't even print out the text!
  4. Network?

    No network programming today :cry:
  5. Network?

    I have an IRC chat with people active, I wonder if YOLOL can go for Network programming so I can make my own IRC client for starbase and keep chatting in-game?