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  1. My station was corrupted, block can't load ( out of shape) is there something like rollback or any1 can help me with it?

    This issue is often reported on the official Discord Saba. Therefore, there is a possibility that it will be everyone, not a specific person, and it will be awaiting official correction.
  2. About capital ship design at the station

    Yes. I put a corner piece in the ghost corner and started to make a dock for the capital ship. And there is a hanger hole. But the place where I started building the dock for this capital ship was the section of the station that existed before the game update. I suspect it's not working...
  3. About capital ship design at the station

    Thank you for your reply. Is it the hangar of the capital ship? What I want to make is a hangar for a capital ship. The size of the hanger is almost square and is bigger than any ship I have, so the size should be fine. No matter where you set up the terminal nearby, it doesn't recognize the...
  4. About capital ship design at the station

    I was building a capital ship at an old station and adding a hanger hall. However, I confirmed that the hanger hole was not working. When I watched a personal broadcast, I confirmed that the hanger hall would work if I installed a new station and built a capital ship and a hanger hall. Is...
  5. Starbase Update News

    You don't say you're going to have more new ores, do you?
  6. Starbase Update News

    After enjoying the update, I'll leave this game, but I'll wait for the next update while playing another game.
  7. PTU Update 21.4.2022 (PTU Build 852)

    There was a time when I decided to make alloys using heat. Simpler camado than I thought! Or rather, it's just a craft bench, isn't it? sad. Have you stopped using gas from large planets that can't be dug in the alloy furnace's live servers? I was trying to dig up gas from the planets in the...
  8. PTU Update 21.4.2022 (PTU Build 852)

    I was waiting for an alloy furnace!!
  9. Can we have another station or two allowed?

    I think that it is more enjoyable to have restrictions because there are few places to go even if it is not just now. I want you to have more possessions when the universe expands.
  10. Starbase Progress Notes: Week 15 (2022) - Tools & Items insight

    We are waiting for the implementation of new ore, capital ships, or new features. It's boring that the weekly report is just a tool situation
  11. Starbase Progress Notes: Week 14 (2022)

    Furnaces to create alloys...
  12. Sieges are coming to PTU

    Are you going to make this?
  13. Warp trace

    If threads are locked, faster locking is deprecated as there will be less posting to new forums while waiting for updates.
  14. Hope for the asteroid to revive.

    Wherever you go, there are holes in the precious ore. I want to dig a precious ore
  15. PTU Update 1.4.2022 (PTU Build 832)

    Is there any information other than the siege yet?
  16. Hope for the asteroid to revive.

    I'm bored without updates. I sometimes go mining to kill time, but the amount I can get is insignificant. Instead of updating, revive the asteroid to get rid of boredom.
  17. Starbase Progress Notes: Week 12 (2022)

    I'm waiting for capital ships, lunar mining, and furnaces to make alloys. When will it be?
  18. Starbase Progress Notes: Week 11 (2022) - Player station insight

    It's already March, when will capitalship be implemented?
  19. PTU Update 22.2.2022 (PTU Build 803)

    Can the towed beam pull someone else's ship? If not, will it be used to combine two ships into one? Are you still developing capital ships and alloy furnaces?
  20. Starbase Progress Notes: Week 7 (2022) - Siege insight

    What was the first video? Is it the orbit of the ship? Or is it the orbit of a capital ship?