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  1. Erador

    Make some cosmetic life on the moon.

    Intro: It's an idea for the moon city, with the the current stage of the game development view. Idea: Let's add some pedestrians and flying city ships for the moon. Even if they will be only cosmetic (so they have no physics and you can just walk through them), it will add illusion of not dead...
  2. Erador

    Current PvP state and points of interest, that could be implement right away

    Ok, that will be a huge and based threat that will talk about current MMO/PVP/Trade mechanics. I will save your time, and will say the possible solution from my point of view, without extra writing: Untill capital ships are invented (or maybe even it should be not changed after C-ships are...
  3. Erador

    Why Miner Lasers cannot salvage ships?

    Why can't mining lasers be used to shrink material and ore collector just collect it? I understand, that question is more to gameplay mechanics, because maybe it's fair to develop salvaging technology/gameplay, that differ from basic mining loop.
  4. Erador

    Dedicated station with Central Hub (no ships allowed)

    So, the idea is to dedicate a single station with no ships (for performance purposes) In that station, endos can dance/chat/have fun/ just watch on other endos. All endos from universe can gather here, therefore it should be only one place (to not distribute people). Maybe in the future, add...
  5. Erador

    Visibility of player's nicknames

    I was wondering on that topic and I found that thread on reddit: I agree that player's nicknames should be hidden, if player chose so. (At this moment, noone can hide because players name can be visible even after an object) What developers and community think?
  6. Erador

    Deadzones are annoying in mouse grid (Piloting with "C" key option via mouse). Please fix :|

    I guess players aware that there is a beautiful thing such mouse interface that can be turned on via "C" key while piloting a ship. (See attached image) But it very UNHELPFULL that it has "deadzones" inside that grid. So, when mouse close to center of X or Y axis, it stops taking any input...