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  1. WolfiAUT

    Allow engines to be stacked lengthwise, to increase the power of the end engine.

    I think weight will be a big part of the game... so if your ship is small, you won't need as many thrusters. I'd hope for some high performance thrusters for small vessels.
  2. WolfiAUT

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 17 (2020)

    Doesn't look like it's soon at all. I'd be surprised if they manage to get the Early Access ready this year.
  3. WolfiAUT

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 16 (2020)

    I'm curious if they'll get it into EA this year... we'll see.
  4. WolfiAUT

    Custom Bombs

    From what I've understood he meant non explosive hard heads. And that would be silly af. HEAT sounds like it tries to be helpful against armor plus internet systems, but that would take away penetration power and damage of internal systems, since it has to be a balance between it's abilities...
  5. WolfiAUT

    Custom Bombs

    AP rounds from guns will be a thing from what I heard - rockets with an FMJ or AP (war)head, wouldn't be too effective. To penetrate armor, you need a small and fast projectile. Just take a look at real life ballistics - 9mm, 50AE or 12ga slugs are awful to penetrate armor, but perfect to stop...
  6. WolfiAUT

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 14 (2020)

    Wait... not even closed alpha? That means Early Access is still several months away? Well k, Star Citizen 2.
  7. WolfiAUT

    Release ?

    Why? There are more than enough good games out there. The longer they need and the more they underperform, the less players they get and the less money they make. They advertised a 2019 release for months, only told us in the end of november it won't be 2019. Now Q1 2020 is over too and still...
  8. WolfiAUT

    Release ?

  9. WolfiAUT

    Custom Bombs

    The idea was to have bombs that are just like the rockets - so you could even build them inside a ship and blow the ship up, given you have all the stuff with you and are fast enough before anyone notices.
  10. WolfiAUT

    Release ?

    Not soon at all.
  11. WolfiAUT

    Hello, I am Wolfi...

    True that!
  12. WolfiAUT

    Hello, I am Wolfi...

    ... and I am an alcoholic.
  13. WolfiAUT

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 9 (2020)

    Don't hold your breath... it's still going to be a while.
  14. WolfiAUT

    Custom Bombs

    Hello fellow terrorbots! Since we'll have custom missiles, why not add custom bombs too? Parts to costumize: Load --> more boom, more radius, more expensive - different materials may have different kinds of damage Detonation --> detonation via time fuze or remote Size --> the bigger the...
  15. WolfiAUT

    Is there a material pipeline in Starbase?

    As far as I know you should be able to program drones to ship cargo from a to b...
  16. WolfiAUT

    controversial release guessing thread

    Feels bad...
  17. WolfiAUT

    Different ballistic ammo for spaceship weapons

    Sounds good too. My idea was to more or less make the standard FMJs less expensive because FMJs are usually easy to produce.
  18. WolfiAUT

    Illegal goods and smuggling

    There is no time to explain that. Immediate execution will be the outcome.
  19. WolfiAUT

    Planets, Rovers, and Other things

    Because Hovers will be better in every way. Why would you dedicate some of your ressources to implementing a feature, almost noone will use, since it's bad compared to all other options. Of course they have time and the capacity - doesn't mean they have to implement every little detail possible...
  20. WolfiAUT

    Leveling System/Tech Tree?

    Better armor won't safe anyone from getting nuked out of existence by rocket launchers and ship weaponry.