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  1. Sejd

    Asteroid Hauler over BUILDING BUDGET when hauling asteroids!!!???

    ARE YOU NUTS DEVS? I have made a ship that's in like 2/3 to be maxed in building budget. The ship is specifically designed to haul three T10 asteroids with great range and speed. I have built the ship for 4.6 milion credits total, I have went to the asteroid belt and when I loaded the 3rd...
  2. Sejd

    Ship steers like crazy but only when accelerating, its all good when flying.

    So, basically i dont understand whats happening. I have built myself an asteroid hauler, the Centre of Mass and Centre of Thrust are perfectly in line. When i test the ship in the Test Mode inside Ship Designer it accelerates perfectly straight. When i buy the ship and accelerate its also...