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  1. Saltylelele

    State of SB - An Alpha player's point of view.

    DISCLAIMER: I am a day-1 alpha player, and racked up 1700+hrs on the alpha build. I have 300+ hours on the main game. Why this little? I'll get into that in a bit. Everything here will be influenced by previous experience with the game and Frozenbyte. Second; I am not a native English speaker /...
  2. Saltylelele

    Steel Space Division - A sub-company of the Argentavian Federation

    Steel Space Division Steel Space Division (SSD for short) is a sub-company of the Argentavian Federation. We mainly focus on Mining and Production. Benefits Since we are part of the Argentavian Federation we have access to all their federal services including an internal market, a wiki with...
  3. Saltylelele

    Salt here - o7

    Hello, Kinda new to the forum, but have been active in the Starbase media and have my own sub-corporation Steel Space Division. I guess I'll see everyone around here
  4. Saltylelele

    The Industrial side of Starbase

    Its still kinda hard to see it, but how does everyone see the Industry in Starbase (except mining)?