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  1. Saltylelele

    Does playerbase care about easy-build mode?

    EBM is absolute *insert words*. The modules are pretty bad, and in general it is just underdeveloped (not surprising since its EA).
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    State of SB - An Alpha player's point of view.

    Last I checked EBM caused them stupid amounts of delays on anything really. It was not tested, and pretty much everyone hates it. This was brought up in Alpha chats as well, how not a lot of people would like the idea. But hey, FB did FB things and here we are. On the topic of removing it...
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    State of SB - An Alpha player's point of view.

    I am damn well in what state the game was launching, better yet, I was one of the people that voted that they should have waited in Alpha. However, witht he annoucnement that they were launching I expected them to handle things in a reasonable way, like how most things in Alpha were handled...
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    State of SB - An Alpha player's point of view.

    It is a very long time yeah. With Main I indeed mean EA release. My problem wiht this update is the fact that while this introduces new stations and locations, Sieging and anything to keep people engaged still is not here. For example, on the PTU. Once I had set up the station, sprinkled in a...
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    State of SB - An Alpha player's point of view.

    DISCLAIMER: I am a day-1 alpha player, and racked up 1700+hrs on the alpha build. I have 300+ hours on the main game. Why this little? I'll get into that in a bit. Everything here will be influenced by previous experience with the game and Frozenbyte. Second; I am not a native English speaker /...
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    A WW2 SB Propaganda Poster

    Lookgs good, but uhh, Recruiting is spelled wrong
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    Rails and Rail Movers - Requesting feedback on current rail usage

    How have you been using Rails and Rail Movers so far? - Not at all How much have you been using them and how important are they to your designs so far? - Not at all If they were removed for some time, how much would it impact you? - Literally not. Kinda didnt really use them.
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    Manual Beam Welding - Requesting feedback on a design suggestion for replacing attachment plates

    This is pretty much the best solution to this. It is essentially what AP's are used for, and might even allow for even more then AP's do right now. 's
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    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 22 (2021)

    WEll, they will if you have a bot account just pickaxing away at one for an entire day. You basically only have to set it up and transfer cash every now and then. Kinda broken
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    The Removal of Attachment Plates

    I do assume this is jsut like the rest done before EA?
  11. Saltylelele

    The Removal of Attachment Plates

    Precisely this. removing them is just a terrible idea.
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    Ore Filters & Dispensers

    I kinda like the idea yeah, being able to change it with YOLOL perhaps so you can like choose what you want? (and perhaps automate it with the scanner)
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    So big clans can indeed just build whatever they like. They can rent lots in DEV stations too. However, they cant re-rent this lot to someone. On their own stations they are allowed to do whatever they like as it is.. well.. theirs.
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    Why a wipe after EA may actually be bad for newbies and the game

    Some BP's. It might be asked that we remove some very old ones to free up some space on their servers.
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    Update 5.5.2021 (Alpha 443)

    Or yknow, build a proper power grid...
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    Armor value mechanic sucks

    It is nice that a rework is coming later down the line. Yeah, its not perfect right now, but waaaay better then the things we had to deal with in the very early days of CA when we didnt have proper armor or even materials to use.
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    Capital Ships FAQ

    I mean they aint in yet, but the idea is they will be able to "spawn" fighters at a limited rate, and of course as long as they have the supplies on board to do so. As for SSC, this may be implemented on some big chonkers, but this is based on a Lauri quote, so take it with some salt.
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    The downfall of Starbase

    Gotta love that.