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  1. Threeshotgamer

    Tips for construction with the designer and how to use it.

    Another video that could help
  2. Threeshotgamer

    Transport companies/services

    Companies just like this are already being organized such as the Artemis Cargo Corporation.
  3. Threeshotgamer

    Protection for newer players from veteran players?

    I feel like once someone makes the decision to venture out of the safe-zone they are open game and no balancing needed personally.
  4. Threeshotgamer

    Ways to limit gun spam and glass cannons

    I like the idea of the guns adding stress to the frame like thrusters.
  5. Threeshotgamer

    What is your ambition for the game?

    If you ever need a guard for a good haul Just give the Artemis Cargo Corporation a call!!
  6. Threeshotgamer

    Wondering If we will get into starbase?

    Maybe but that kid who's sitting for hours in the ship editor could be reporting all sorts of bugs in the editor for the devs to fix which is the true purpose of the CA. I too would love to have more info/streams/vids about the game but that isn't the main purpose for the CA and we are lucky the...
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    Elegant wiring/piping in the form of plates with embedded wires/pipes.

    I might be not understanding this fully but is the suggestion for pre-wired panels to cover long distances and then when you need to attach to something you have a plate with a socket to connect to? If so I like that idea
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    New user

    Welcome :)
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    What ships from other media are you most excited to recreate?

    I'm excited to try and recreate the Gepard or the Aurora Dropships from Battletech
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    But they did lend themselves to some of the most fun creations as well as the funniest failures.
  11. Threeshotgamer

    About charging a ship without a generator

    I didn't think recharging from the stations was possible yet so you may just have to replace the batteries all together.
  12. Threeshotgamer

    Thoughts and Suggestions From an Outsider Watching CA

    This is a fantastic idea
  13. Threeshotgamer

    Official Forums vs Reddit vs Discord

    Moderation seems to be easier in a forum format as well
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    Rotors are just begging for a visit from Clang
  15. Threeshotgamer

    Whats your Ideal spaceship design for you, and waht will it do??

    3 man crewed mining barge with 2 smaller ships held in place by tractor beams for the use of scouting around for the best mining spots. I don't know how feasible it is but it's what my brothers and I have been discussing and we hope to get close to.
  16. Threeshotgamer

    Official Forums vs Reddit vs Discord

    I'm an old guy so i tend to prefer forums over anything. I like discord but info gets lost too easy in the scroll but like someone already said it's easy to search for info you're looking for.
  17. Threeshotgamer

    HOTAS Support?

    Oh man I hope it gets implemented. This game would be awesome with my X52
  18. Threeshotgamer

    What is your ambition for the game?

    To crush my Enemies, See them driven before me and to hear the lamentations of their women!!!!! Or just build a cool multiperson mining ship and have goofy fun with my brother and friends.
  19. Threeshotgamer

    Which armour would you choose?

    Ruffian and Pioneer are definitely top of my list
  20. Threeshotgamer

    Space trucker looking for a new hub

    After countless hours of being a space trucker in Elite Dangerous, Space Engineers and Star Citizen I can't wait to live my life as a space trucker in a new frontier.