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  1. On Radiation, Maps, and Sieges

    In my opinion only generation, any device that create heat, should create emission. The consumption of the electricity should not create any radiation/emission, Instead of dividing active/passive generation, we can depend on heat desperation by radiators. I like the idea. In future it can give...
  2. Reimagining Stations and Research

    Ok, if there are a warp gate and station and they are inside same safezone or close to each other, like +- 5km between safezones, how have i to camp it or, if not camp, do pirating when players will not leave it, safezone, even for a minute of flight. +with lack of radars right now
  3. Allow ships to auto-transport over long distances.

    First. You cant just "Allow" that. We play a game where ships fly using levers, buttons, yolol, FCU/MFC. there no coordinates available to read from nowhere everywhere, the ISAN is made by players same as navigation system. the concept of the game is such that you can't just make you ship doing...
  4. Uses for excess research points

    I think devs will refuse from this way of crafting/researching and in the future. We will have different way to craft items, maybe we will get manufacturing or production lines
  5. User ID/ ship ID scanner

    I don't really like that. It will damage salvaging a little bit, ship discovering, if it can be called like that. If you don't want your yolol be stolen - don't sell it
  6. Reimagining Stations and Research

    I really like an idea of separating stations on different tires it could become a comfortable way of implementing mega stations building, blueprints and editor back. Now stations are just small "hangars" in shell of easy build mode blocks without practical usage. Mostly everybody use capital...