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  1. Starbase Early Access Update 03.05.2022 (EA Build 869)

    Please, before leaving, give a last functionality : give us crate different sizes !! Please ... That would give us a tremendous power on how we design our ships, and a big reason for old players to come back ;)
  2. Starbase Progress Notes: Week 8 (2022)

    OMG, 21 weeks for "Saving blueprints outside of Ship Designer", and still in development ? Just what the hell are you doing ?? A rolls royce ?
  3. EA Update 8.2.2022 (Early Access Build 789)

    Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. Now I see what you meant ;)
  4. EA Update 8.2.2022 (Early Access Build 789)

    Repair tool does not take manually added parts into account.
  5. EA Update 8.2.2022 (Early Access Build 789)

    Still no way to update a ship blueprint ? This is such a missing feature from the very start of EA..
  6. EA Update 1.9.2021 (Early Access Build 581)

    We can't see lowest warpclass parts and how to fix them anymore in SSC.