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  1. Okim

    PTU Update 25.3.2022 (PTU Build 830)

    Keep in mind that all weapons now require their hardpoints to be connected to heat pipework in order to use heatsinks.
  2. Okim

    Okim Industries

    Okim Industries is actively expanding and is looking for people willing to share the challenge of bringing a company to the top of ship suppliers in Starbase. We need all kind of people with any skills - the way our organisation is set up is designed to ensure that tasks are generated regularly...
  3. Okim

    Okim Industries

    Welcome to our company info post, visitor. Here you'll find a brief description of our history, goals, organisation and jobs we are offering. Okim Industries (or OKI for short) was established in 2019 as a hub to collect information about game, development site for unofficial Parts Pack for...
  4. Okim

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 26 (2021)

    No, my Marauders... why killing them?
  5. Okim

    Update 18.6.2021 (Alpha 485)

    All old T2 are now T1 by default. This includes both generators and thrusters.
  6. Okim

    Manual Beam Welding - Requesting feedback on a design suggestion for replacing attachment plates

    All this cube needs is a fancy texture representing welding seam! :D
  7. Okim

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 15 (2021)

    Third pic shows solid pipe/cable ducts for more convenient and clean network building.
  8. Okim

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 15 (2021)

    Looks like exorium tank is large generator only. A fuel chamber for large gens that must be snapped to it.
  9. Okim

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 13 (2021)

    What was this ship shop rework stuff about? Apparently i've missed it...
  10. Okim

    Notification About Upcoming Patch: Major balance update on thruster resource consumption and rail cannon power usage

    OMG... Okay. So, box thruster is now completelly useless? It loses it's only advantage of consuming less propellant...
  11. Okim

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 3 (2021)

    Resaving a station's blueprint in the Station Designer will now remove any parts not part of the station blueprint Will that fix eternal lods for station parts as well?
  12. Okim

    Player Ship Shops Catalogue

    Greetings fellow endos! We, the Starbase community, are here to share you the catalogue of all the ship shops that are containing player made ship submisisons. These are the ships evaluated by developers and added to the gave via special shops. The catalogue itself is a google dock maintained...
  13. Okim

    Update 10.12.2020 (Alpha 312) - Patch warning / Station building feedback thread

    Might be hard to test with autobuilding method that OKI uses the most, but we'll see what we can do.
  14. Okim

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 47 (2020)

    So they are 9 and 10 in the end? Back to original chart then...
  15. Okim

    Update 21.10.2020 (Alpha 271)

    Shale MK02 Snub Fighter Spiker Where did these ships go? They were on the layout schemes we've provided. Oh damn! I've made a really bad mistake :( On the scheme the 'Striker' is Nate's Spiker and 'Slate' is splet's 'Shale'! My bad, sorry!
  16. Okim

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 42 (2020)

    Finally the ship-to-ship transfer is about to arrive! Also a bit sad that decorative plates got removed :(
  17. Okim

    Update 16.10.2020 (Build 267)

  18. Okim

    Notification About Next Patch: Changes impacting ships

    Well, we are prepared. Hopefully. I think...