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  1. Amos.37

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 44 (2021)

    At this stage is it intended for capital ships to be able to move apart from the fast travel mechanic? Or are they going to be completely stationary apart from when changing location with fast travel?
  2. Amos.37

    Fuel rods stuck

    Try using the bolt tool to unbolt it. I've had cooling cells and such stuck because there was a hidden bolt holding it in place. If that doesn't work, it may be bugged.
  3. Amos.37

    Logging out in the belt?

    The ship should remain while you are logged out. Which means that if your outside the safe zone your ship can be taken by other players. At this stage, if the ship isn't there when you log back in, it's about 50/50 another player moved your ship, or a bug deleted it.
  4. Amos.37

    Improved navigation tools: Gyroscopes and Inertial Sensors

    The devs have said that capital ships will use some sort of coordinates system in order to select locations for fast-travel/ jumps. So presumably some sort of in-game coordinates system will be added. I have no idea what it will look like or how it will work though.
  5. Amos.37

    How easy it is to repair a ship?

    At the moment, repairing is very fiddly and tedious. There's no real easy way to rebuild. In the latest patch notes they did say: 'Ships with non-secure blueprints, or with blueprints owned by a player, can be flown back to a Ship Designer for updates, and the existing ship is used to cover some...
  6. Amos.37

    Allow real money trade in the TOS

    Just... no. There are so many legal and licensing issues with doing this, and the security issues of having a small game-dev group handling frequent real currency transactions alone makes it an unfeasible idea. Gameplay wise, it only benefits wallet warriors with disposable income, no one else...
  7. Amos.37

    EA Update 13.8.2021 (EA Build 550)

    Any hints on when the Auciton House will be fixed to show currently missing items? Ie. Crafting Benches
  8. Amos.37

    Improved navigation tools: Gyroscopes and Inertial Sensors

    Some of these already exist in game through YOLOL. The collective have made ISAN, essentially a Coordinates system that can be installed on any ship. ISAN can also be used to give your speed, heading and even be made into an autopilot. Asteroid avoidance systems can be made with rangefinders and...
  9. Amos.37

    Magentar - Test drive seems a bit buggy?

    Time Travel!
  10. Amos.37

    Magentar - Test drive seems a bit buggy?

    I haven't tested this ship, but a lot of the shop ships are currently bugged, usually due to them being built during the CA and updates since them making features no longer work as intended. ISAN, for example, has had significant changes to it's coding to make it work better in the EA launch...
  11. Amos.37

    VoIP is not something you can "replace" with Discord chat.

    While I totally agree with what you've said, if you checked the roadmap, you'd see that 'voice communication to nearby players' is already one of the listed features they plan on adding...
  12. Amos.37

    Stations disappointing?

    The stations currently need a lot of work done to make them functional. All throughout the CA they were varying degrees of broken, so a lot of bugs and features still need to be worked out in EA. Unfortunately all I can say for the time being is, remember it's still an alpha build. Be patient.
  13. Amos.37

    Research + Crafting Progression Values WAY too high

    I can see what they're trying to do with the research. Having the values so high means that rather than everyone unlocking everything, players have to specialise in certain branches of the tech tree and then interact with/trade with other players to get the items they can't build themselves...
  14. Amos.37

    Update 18.6.2021 (Alpha 485)

    Can I suggest that rather than naming the Tiers 1-3, they have letter designations to reflect their role. Tier 1 = G (Generic) Tier 2 = E (economy or efficiency) Tier 3 = A (Premium/high performance) Or something like that, simply so that it is apparent that the tiers are not simply incremental...
  15. Amos.37

    What will differentiate a Military Capital Ship from a Civilian Capital Ship?

    First off, I know this is still an in development feature subject to change and that we have been given very little specific information on the mechanics. With that out of the way... What we do know is that Capital ships will be classified based on size and whether they are Military or...
  16. Amos.37

    Update 11.2.2021 (Alpha 353)

    What's the reasoning for players to decomission ships? As in, is there any penalty to owning an excessive number of ships? Will ships automatically decommission if they are spawned but unused for a certain amount of time (like a week)? I like the addition, but am wondering why players would...
  17. Amos.37

    Starbase Balance Discussion Notes

    Regarding shields, I think CalenLoki makes a good point. It just turns ship fights into chipping away HP pools in some form or another, which negates the whole point of the voxel destruction system. The appeal of ship combat in Starbase is physicalised damage, physical systems and subsystems...
  18. Amos.37

    Getting Rid Of The Wait

    The travel time and waiting is certainly an issue at the moment. However, it's also a huge balancing act. Space is big, and the way to convey this is that it gets a long time to get anywhere. Cool, but not the most riveting gameplay. But if travel becomes too easy, or if the size of the universe...
  19. Amos.37

    Can you power moving ship sections?

    I had a thought for a battleship style turret set up (I know turrets are a hot debate issue at the moment with tripods and what not), but the design relies on being able to power parts beyond a turntable (also relies on a turntable being able to support a fairly heavy structure). The question...
  20. Amos.37

    Ship combat is missing something

    You could quite easily set up a practice range of sorts with a friend, as long as one of you is willing to sacrifice a ship. Ever done long range target shooting in real life? It's often very difficult/nigh impossible to see where you hit, or even if you hit, on a target that's far away. You...