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  1. LauriFB

    Patch notes, update 19.5.2020 (Build 149)

    Update 19.5.2020 (Build 149) Ship Designer & Lot Designer * Added small hall modules to the "Halls" folder in Lot Designer * Other Misc Lot Designer changes * Ship Designer - increase player movement bounds to 100x100x100 km UI * Added chat channel cycling to binds menu (Under Controls - Chat)...
  2. LauriFB

    Patch notes, Alpha build 142 (14th May, 2020)

    Patch notes, Alpha build 142 Asteroid mining reward system rework. Inner material rewards now more when collected via nugget collector Fixed cursor issue with scrollable mining bag Stations now turn ore in stock into refined materials Overal Economy changes Fixed mining bag when equipped from...
  3. LauriFB

    Patch notes, build 135 (Monday 11th May, 2020)

    Patch notes, Alpha build 135 Asteroid mining job panel should now work correctly Removed Republic Wing from shipshop Resource Bridge should work now correctly if bridge connection was on when ship was despawned (broken bridges need to be despawned once to fix current ships in universe) Better...
  4. LauriFB

    Starbase Closed Alpha questions & answers

    Starbase Closed Alpha Can I play Starbase now?! No. We are starting a "Closed Alpha", which means a closed (private) test of Starbase with a small group of users outside the development team. We will be expanding the amount of players in the Closed Alpha gradually over the course of the coming...
  5. LauriFB

    Patch notes, build 129 (Friday 8th of May, 2020)

    Patch notes, build 129 (Friday 8th of May, 2020): Yell to chat, /y (shorter distance than /z - zone, 300 meters) Say to chat, /s (shorter distance than /y - yell, 30 meters) Mag boots remember their setting and are defaulted on Backpack ore exploit prevented Name font changed to support special...
  6. LauriFB

    Bug reporting instructions

    There's two main methods of reporting bugs: If game crashes or asserts, error reporting tool will pop up in the background and wait for your input to upload collected error data to our servers. When you exit the game, please press upload to send the data. Also note that you can adjust upload...
  7. LauriFB

    Alpha dates, discussion channels, general instructions

    Alpha official start date: 11th May 2020, embargo ends Wednesday 13th May 2020 at 13:00 (UTC). Embargo means no-one participating is allowed to speak anything regarding alpha before that date. However, discussion at this private Alpha Forum is allowed. Do not publish any material (screens...
  8. LauriFB

    Starbase shopping center

    I recorded a 1080p version as well, but please use the first two for any possible puzzle solving ;)
  9. LauriFB

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 14 (2020)

    Yes, in addition to reduced thrust the thruster exhaust also damages ship :)
  10. LauriFB

    Production and Logistics

    Both ship hull modules, which are created from the single parts, as well as devices. Thrusters have something like four parts at the moment. Ship hull modules are fully user-created, ie. first they design a ship which can be built from modules and sub-modules, then setup a factory for those...
  11. LauriFB

    Production and Logistics

    Yes, current proof of concept factory builds by assembling the parts to the correct place and then bolting them. Building tool version (the spray gun) is still under design. Entire ship building would require a lot of factory design and also ship designed for the purpose (ie. modular ship). We...
  12. LauriFB

    Production and Logistics

    The metallurgy part of the crafting is still under design. However, we have a core system which supports infinite amount of materials and mixing them. Materials include both solid metals and gases for example. We have also a lot of material properties in place which support a complex system. We...
  13. LauriFB

    Space Jelly, Thrusters, and Extreme evasion

    I think if this ever comes an issue we should be able to balance the game enough to counter the issue. Evasive tactic would most likely mean all thrusters and no armor to guarantee light weight, so for example a large area of effect weapon which is relatively weak would be very powerful against...
  14. LauriFB

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 42

    Yes, various size asteroids, also the big ones, will be in early access release. There might be even larger ones than those pictured ... ;)
  15. LauriFB

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 39

    The detonation signal from the fuse goes directly to the warhead instead of running through possible YOLOL chip on the torpedo. Parts on the torpedo are, in not correct order, Main thruster, Fuel tank, YOLOL chip slots, Warhead, Maneuver thruster, Transmitter, Fuse, Sensor. Not all parts are...
  16. LauriFB

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 39

    It's something like that :) Stations and lots have storage capacity, which is based on the size and structure of station or lot. That space is used to store safely ships and all other goods. For example storing propellants requires a propellant tank at the lot. The system is still under work...
  17. LauriFB

    Weekly progress reports

    We will begin updating weekly our development progress with information collected from our team's internal weekly reports. Information usually includes what they have been working on and sometimes also what has changed. The format is not exactly patch notes, but more like development notes. We...
  18. LauriFB

    Some QOL clan/guild/faction management tools

    We are still designing the guild management system, but it's going to be a very ambitious one, and should deliver on most issues listed here :cool: We won't limit guild/faction sizes though (and in fact our tools will support very large guilds as well), but instead balance game other ways.
  19. LauriFB

    Starbase in five years

    November this year marks 6 years of active development of Starbase. With our current development pace I'm confident we're out of early access in two years from it's start :) In the next five years the game has expanded exponentially and players have surprised us at least daily with their...
  20. LauriFB

    30 Person Developer Battle

    Our goal with development is to leave all the best designs for players, and I think we have made pretty good job with that ;) The gunship had internal, protected, and separate aiming chairs, but we changed the tech with the turret chairs and had to revert to unsafe direct control chairs for...