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  1. CalenLoki

    Civilian versus Military Stations

    I'll join NO crowd. Full protection is just asking for troubles. Any station is affecting military by providing resources and safe docking space. Just a quick example: I build a "civilian" station and use it as pirate hub in the middle of busy trade lane. Nobody can touch me. To make station...
  2. CalenLoki


    That's much more specific, thanks. I intentionally omitted the detailed description of detection mechanics, because there's already several threads about this very same topic. But ofc we can talk about it too. IMO having any form of detection, even the most primitive, would be a huge help to...
  3. CalenLoki


    Yes, they did. Shortly after I wrote it I got reply from Lauri on Discord. And not late after that we got safezone indicator and material scanner. You need to just once glance over the ship and it keeps the name until you hit some other target or reset it manually. Should be much easier than...
  4. CalenLoki

    Progenitor Mine, a Daily PvP Territory Control Objective

    Nice idea. I worry that it may just end up with a single big faction rolling through the mines, without really giving small factions much chance. But certainly it wouldn't harm. My question is: why there is invulnerability period in the first place? There's nothing to do on those stations...
  5. CalenLoki

    Make YOLOL playable

    Yup. Not even a chance to check if the crate is empty or full.
  6. CalenLoki

    Make YOLOL playable

    Torpedo brain is just yolol + laser sensor. Laser sensor outputs distance, pitch and yaw offset from the target painted with laser designator It can be hooked to the ship yolol simply by keeping the torpedo inside the launcher. Auto miners have been done, and devs are pretty ok with that idea...
  7. CalenLoki

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 50 (2021)

    Could we please get those in SSC too? And in general, it wouldn't hurt to have all EBM parts in SSC (i.e station plates). They can already be bolted to ships after leaving SSC, so it's just pure QOL addition.
  8. CalenLoki

    star base's in StarBase

    Within that idea, ball turret is part of the station, so is 100% invulnerable unless besieged. Same for slaved yolol turrets with gunner sitting behind thin sheet of glass. I'm all for such version of station protection. The only problem is that it's vulnerable to cheaters who phase through...
  9. CalenLoki

    How to make the game more real-world friendly

    IMO this is the way to go. Completely fixes the problem with combat logging and multi-session, multi-crew missions (aka not leaving offline players behind). And is immersive AF. Another thing on topic of ship hiding: Once we have ship radiation detection, people will naturally look mostly at...
  10. CalenLoki

    Warp Drives. The game needs them. (Fast Travel)

    6) It has only cursor mode, with no "rotate entire head to aim" 7) Only 40x40 degree in the middle of the screen is taken into account. And that's at 120 FOV, scaling even lower without it.
  11. CalenLoki

    Rogue Drones or, Adding More Game-Driven Content

    I disagree here. Making NPCs be very close to player ships would be beneficial. Devs could leave creating new NPCs to players, which proven to produce better and more diverse ships. Just compare sunny ship center with all the other shops. Moderation would be needed (just as ship shops), not an...
  12. CalenLoki

    Rogue Drones or, Adding More Game-Driven Content

    The question is: do we? They could be run entirely client side, and exist only when someone sees them. Or at most be just few numbers when there's nobody around. Just like asteroids, just trying to kill you. Actively.
  13. CalenLoki

    Rogue Drones or, Adding More Game-Driven Content

    I like the idea of NPCs. Even if I was very much against for a long time. I could see it expanded a bit to server more purposes: Rouge drone patrol: numerous weak space Toyotas flying around in search for easy prey. Equipped with hand weapons, they wouldn't present much of a threat to anyone...
  14. CalenLoki

    Thoughts about stations

    You are limited to 1 resource bridge connection between 2 resource+power networks. So if you can separate networks on both ship and refuel station with physical switch (hinge with duct on it) you can connect more bridges for higher throughput.
  15. CalenLoki

    How to make the game more real-world friendly

    TBH rather than timer I'd like to see them requiring certain size to get SZ. So you can do it in an hour, but hour of work, rather than waiting. Or even make SZ size dynamic, as the smallest sphere that can fit entire station+5m. Agree on upkeep too. Nothing too demanding (i.e. a single fuel...
  16. CalenLoki

    My thoughts on the current direction of the game.

    You don't even need a company to have huge station - they are all privately owned now. You can even have 3 of them, all huge. It's just the question of how you'll get the resources to build them, and how you'll defend them once built.
  17. CalenLoki

    My thoughts on the current direction of the game.

    Please don't. Safe zones are great way of protecting noobs (around origin) and preventing offline raiding. They shouldn't get in the way of normal, high reward active gameplay (i.e. mining in rich asteroid zones). Instead focus on taxation through the market system, and on-station services...
  18. CalenLoki

    My thoughts on the current direction of the game.

    I've read through your entire post, and I have to say that 3/5 of it isn't on topic (entire middle section is about increasing complexity, not cutting grind) and the last part is about QOL features to speed up active parts of the game (so neither downtime, nor grind). The first part (ship...
  19. CalenLoki

    Voronoi-Based Armour

    I thought about the same. They look just as good, or maybe even better than voxels. At the very least it would allow devs to focus on one destruction system, instead of 2 (or 3, if we count invisible HP calculations) Floor mat meta was actually based on thin Bastium plates, not charo/onin. Back...
  20. CalenLoki

    PTU Update 19.11.2021 (PTU Build 723)

    There were also talks about requiring large crate to fit large objects. So you'd use more space to keep FTC in crates than to just have it mounted. Plus the added mass of the crates.