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  1. Only a dream? An endless Universe like Elite Dangerous

    The SB universe might be endless by definition, but seeing as how long it took for people to travel to Elysium without Fast Travel, there is so much to explore. To give you an estimate: Elysium (The first moon the community landed on) is roughly 20.000km away. If u travel at 100m/s (which is...
  2. rocket =\= missile

    I 100% agree, missiles should correctly be named rockets; torpedos could stay what they are (since there have been guided torpedos) but missile or guided bomb would be better, since there isn't really a laser guided torpedo, there only laser-guided bombs but you could make the argument, that...
  3. What kind of mounted Weaponry would you like to see?

    The only difference between civilian and military capital ships is, that military ones are able to enter warzones and disable shields. as a trade of they have a longer charge time for travel as far as i know. they arent different grade ships, they simply have different allowances
  4. Space combat is primitive?

    what games are you thinking about in particular? SE?
  5. All-encompassing armored ground warfare: A suggestion

    Imagine an A-10 could hover over the combat zone like an apache. Thats why I dont think ground combat will be effective And i have more examples, do not try to challenge me :P
  6. Space combat is primitive?

    From the current point of PHYSICS the game has. This is the type of combat we will see and like Combustible pointed out, what you are experiencing is only the tip of the iceberg and like in other games I am sure that over time the combat will become more complex with players from different games...
  7. All-encompassing armored ground warfare: A suggestion

    You should not expect ground combat to be anywhere similar to what it is today. This idea is exceptionally well thought out. So since I cant really be like "oh u could change that" or "wow i want that so much" cuz be honest we all want a howitzer in the game, I will give my opinion on ground...
  8. Why wouldn't cap ships just mount thousands of torpedoes?

    Capital ships are stations, that can teleport, they cannot "move"/"fly" during battle If you outman your opponent, you should resort to strategies that insentivise your superiority, for example by using fighters to overrun the enemy. Now you could have a big ass hangar while still having these...
  9. Why wouldn't cap ships just mount thousands of torpedoes?

    Torpedo pods are like rocket pods, but you only have one big ass rocket, so to reload youd have to climb out of the ship and manually put one new torpedo into each pod.
  10. Why wouldn't cap ships just mount thousands of torpedoes?

    Shooting first only helps, when you kill/destroy what you are shooting at with ur first shot. With ur strategy the problem is simple: You dont kill it in one hit --> you are out of ammunition, cant move and everybody on the stations knows ur location aka ur practically dead. When you are low on...
  11. Why wouldn't cap ships just mount thousands of torpedoes?

    You see my friend there is something called balancing, to exactly prevent scenarios like your idea. Why? That strategy wouldnt be of skill required, going even further, since you need a lot of torpedos aka a lot of cash to buy said torpedos, only large and rich factions could afford these...
  12. Max speed needs to vary by weight

    It is more dangerous to fly fast with larger ships, since structural integrity is a thing. I tried to use 2 plasma thrusters with a small frame, but no matter how much i bolted and how many crossmembers i used, it would BREAK every time i reached a certain speed, or accelerated real fast. So...
  13. Ship speed, max speed and thruster spam

    agreed. I does not make any physical sense that a big ass ship with a worse thrust/weight ratio can turn quicker than an small fighter. I want to an example in real life: big touring busses have around 600-800hp, sport cars like a Porsche 911 GT3 RS have around 500 hp, still the Porsche is...
  14. Capital Ships FAQ

    What is the Minimum size requirement fit military or civilian capital Ship?
  15. Thoughts on the general balance of the game currently

    109s usually only flew till they ran out machinecannon ammo. And while the 88mm that supposed to go into the ju-88 P-5 wasnt meant to kill other fighters, it was supposed to kill tanks, large ships like corvettes in starbases should and or would qualify as a very slow target, like tanks
  16. How does the Saltberia prison work?

    *Gets flashback to what I learned at a former Stasi prison* OH NO
  17. Thoughts on the general balance of the game currently

    Have you perhaps ever played WarThunder. It's by far not 100% realistic but you know what is realistic? A Spitfire cutting off a Bf109s Wing with its total of 8 Machine-guns, not cannons. They might not have killed a warship in 1 strafe run but take operation obviate where british mosquitos...
  18. mods and workshop creations

    To run MODS in a MMO you would have to create your own server, with your own basic world, somehow create mods in a game engine that you don't know and you end up with work for a whole lot of basically the same game, but with some random add ons, praying to not only have people join, but also...
  19. Starbase Community News: March 2021