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  1. Pho

    Buy orders please

    Seems like something they would add at some point anyhow. Pretty basic feature imo.
  2. Pho

    Thoughts about PeerToPeer (P2P)

    so like an issue to inject some sort of arbitrary code execution through YOLOL? I get the client side exploits thing games can have issues with. But what happens when the server check clashes with the client?
  3. Pho

    Research + Crafting Progression Values WAY too high

    It seems people wildly disagree on the amount you need to grind being just right or not enough or too much. I guess this is that early days lack of perspective aspect I was talking about. I'm sure people will look at this thread and shake their heads for one reason or another in due time.
  4. Pho

    Research + Crafting Progression Values WAY too high

    perhaps to pace players from jumping into the deep end? I know if even I didn't have a grindy exp system I would still want to drip feed features to players over time so they understand things first and don't get confused. This comes from someone who likes overly complicated JRPG combat systems...
  5. Pho

    Quick Crafting Guide for New Players

    Thank you for this. I'll probably be coming back to ask questions here.
  6. Pho

    Research + Crafting Progression Values WAY too high

    yeah interesting and true. So far, I have yet to dive in, as I have some irl junk to sort out, but I'm still excited to play and chill doing low effort stuff most of the time. However I do know that there is a lot of complex parts to the game that you have to give %100 of your attention to. Got...
  7. Pho

    Research + Crafting Progression Values WAY too high

    whatever the case, I hope things are clear on HOW to progress. Since this is early days, it is hard to know what is truly too much or too little(IMO, don't shoot me). But I am usually not a fan of grinding experiences in multiplayer games anyhow.
  8. Pho

    Why Do I Post My Starbase Videos to Youtube Alternatives?

    Well considering on youtube some false DMCA bot/scammer might hold your channel and monetization hostage, let alone youtube itself deciding to yeet you one day, it is best to have redundant uploads elsewhere. Also, I suggest if anyone ever uploads videos online, do not delete the original from...
  9. Pho

    Any desire by devs to release on GoG at some point

    darn, that is unfortunate. I have been known to double dip to support developers who do use GoG.
  10. Pho

    Any desire by devs to release on GoG at some point

    I get that we are still in the extreme early days, but I absolutely prefer it over any other software storefront. I'm aware this would be something to do when the game is at least out of alpha or complete past a potential beta phase. Just curious if this info has been answered elsewhere or even...
  11. Pho

    Away with thruster walls.

    An overall flaw to the hyper-modular design of the game. One of my concerns when looking into the game too. It seems like more interactions with size, shape and mass need to be considered, as well as different thruster types and simply overall making it so that you don't need thruster walls to...
  12. Pho

    ALRIGHT! Time to get this show on the Road!

    I will be there. Game is probably just going to overwhelm me at first. Should be fun though. All games are most fun when nobody knows what they are doing. I'm ready for some closed alpha people to slap me and murder me at some point and call me a noob. Should be good times.
  13. Pho

    I guess I'm ready

    Found the game a month ago, decided I'd drop in the forums. I know it is a couple days from open alpha, so I'm interested to see how it goes. I'll be lurking, maybe asking questions as I learn. Seems like a pretty chill game.