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  1. Talla

    Hype thread!

    Checking my mailbox 5 times a day. HYPE TRAIN, LET'S GOOOOO !
  2. Talla

    Does mining lasers go through ships? Or will there be any other types of "lasers"?

    Wouldn't it be cool to have the space station asteroid muncher / collection area, but on a ship? It would be similar to the cargo lock frame, but with higher power consumption. That way, you could literally bulldoze your way through asteroids (and ships maybe)?
  3. Talla

    Very special Starbase music pack

    Starbae :LOL:
  4. Talla

    Warp Drives

    Uploading consciousness between conveniently placed bodies is one of the core mechanics of the game. Pretty sure space travel is intended to be long and laborious. The need for labor fosters economic exchanges. EDIT: On the other side, travel being too time-consuming won't be appropriate for...
  5. Talla

    Spacial Awareness Within Spaceships

    We need reversing cameras! How else will I park my ginormous ship in a tiny, crowded space station without filing 10+ insurance claims?
  6. Talla

    Luna Corp. - Let's Play Amongst the Stars

    We need more of this on the forums 😆
  7. Talla

    Lore discussion

    I've just started wondering whether the first robots appeared out of thin air, or if they were actually built by humans. Are the current robots designed to fulfill a particular purpose, hard-coded into them? Or are they just our "successors" from an evolutionary standpoint? Would they contain...
  8. Talla

    Project Halo

    EDIT: I am sowwy for speaking for someone else :( No matter the territory in question, I guess we can all agree that uninhabited, non-weaponized structures or "Space Monuments" are things for all players to enjoy amidst the vast emptiness of space. Pretty sure both the Empire & Kingdom (& the...
  9. Talla

    Project Halo

    I declare the Halo rings a UNESCO Space Heritage site. All Alliances hereby vow to not allow any military engagements near the site. Any acts of terror, littering or vandalism will put the offenders on the "Wanted for Decommission" list. Defective units will be hunted by all factions throughout...
  10. Talla

    What languages will be supported?

    My guess, Character set: UTF-8 (Includes Cyrillic and Eastern Asian script) Supported language: English UI Translation isn't really important, better to wait right before leaving Early Access. It would be in their best interest to consider the asian market. ALOT of money to be made. To me...
  11. Talla

    Will one efficient design suppress all creativity?

    Concept-wise, I expect ships to look more or less the same, if they intend to fill the exact same functions. Once the ship can efficiently complete the work it's been designed for, the rest is just a matter of taste (customization aesthetics). There's a proverb on this subject : "Imitation is...
  12. Talla

    Starbase - 15 Minutes of Uncut Combat discussion thread

    :LOL: @10m10s can't aim, still fights!
  13. Talla

    [Poll] What Kind of Player Are You?

    Law enforcement can also be piracy. Ever heard of taxes, tolls and fines? :LOL: Recycling seized unregistered / stolen ships got to yeild alot of resources.
  14. Talla

    Starbase in five years

    Your post made me think about something important: What's the endgame? Discovering all the galaxy? Your faction achieving intergalactic dominance? Designing, engineering & testing player-made creations to your hearts content, to the limits of in-game content and imagination? Create an AI in...
  15. Talla

    What kinds of ships are you going to be building?

    Is there a maximum speed for ships? I've read the FAQ here but didn't see anything about speed limits. I don't know what my ship will look like. All I know is that I WANNA GO FAST! EDIT: Since drag is affected by mass (and thus fuel consumption), it'll probably be very minimalist if I want to...
  16. Talla

    Piracy and Thievery

    Human beings are, in a way, specialized machines at finding ways to exploit/profit from every situation. Just wait until we reach Early Access :) It's nice seeing devs tackling those problems early on, but most probably, that will not be enough. I'm just wondering, how organized will the...
  17. Talla

    POLL: What type of Starbase Faction do you prefer?

    Are independant bandit/salvager factions a thing?
  18. Talla

    Battering ram and the art of tactically raming your ship into the opponents !

    I'll need one of you expert engineers to come up with a Kamikaze ship blueprint. With the best possible damage/cost ratio. Make it autopilot/crash into the enemy using YOLOL. Unless big homing missiles become an in-game thing, I think there will be a market for this.
  19. Talla

    Empire, Kingdom, Neutral, WHY did you pick your side?

    I choose Empire because of the listed amount of members on Discord. 679 members for Empire vs 356 for Kingdom at the time of writing. If you choose a side, choose the winning side :D I expect the Empire faction to split up in two following a lore update, for the sake of power balance. More...