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  1. ZombieMouse

    XenoCow's Starbase Videos

    I don't think I've seen that capital ship before either, but it does look cool.
  2. ZombieMouse

    Stranded Capital Ship

    Out of interest, what does the build budget show for this area?
  3. ZombieMouse

    On Radiation, Maps, and Sieges

    The question I still don't see answered regarding maps and sieges is why would anyone go to the effort of building a station or try to control any territory knowing it can be sieged/destroyed? We got given this idea that there would be some sort of gas collection or something for passive...
  4. ZombieMouse

    Starbase Early Access Update 12.12.2022 (EA Build 919)

    It is because other bugs in the game have broken many people's capital ships, and as a temporary fix they were turned into "dev cap ships" to make them work. Dev cap ships don't have to wait to warp, which is obviously unfair to other players. So, the charge time has been removed to level the...
  5. ZombieMouse

    Logical invertor

    In StarMade the logic blocks were used by one player to build a programmable computer inside the game (see attachment).
  6. ZombieMouse

    Uses for excess research points

    It would be nice to have a use for excess research points after completing the tech tree. Personally I would like to be able to use them for upgrades to permanently reduce crafting times. The cost in terms of time to build a ship makes it too grindy. Literally hours of "play time" just being...
  7. ZombieMouse


    Having storage and hangers require energy is adding grind. I don't like the sound of that since the game is gindy enough already and then some. IMHO, in the long run both hanger and storage should in any case be physical, and so it would not make sense for them to have a power requirement. I...
  8. ZombieMouse

    Don't disallow storing ore in ships

    Well, then I would just like to convey to you what is going on from one of the few remaining active corps. We have mostly two kinds of active players remaining: Ship designers and miners. The ship designers are still making new mining ships, and the miners are the kinds of players who set...
  9. ZombieMouse

    Don't disallow storing ore in ships

    I saw this post on Reddit stating the FB wants to remove the ability to store ore in ships: I implore you not to disallow storing ore in ships. There are literally no upsides to such a move. All you will do is force players with no inventory to store ore by bolting blocks together on ships...
  10. ZombieMouse

    Lower costs based on the number of ships produced

    I'd love to be able to spend spare research points on abilities that reduce crafting time. I think that would be much quicker and easier to add than working factories.
  11. ZombieMouse

    Endos that log out under fire should insta-die

    The main reason to delete cargo is to speed up the ship to escape and save your ship. A cargo port that allowed you to dump ore into space would be better, but this method has to suffice for now. Deleting cargo is not game-breaking like combat-logging is. Dumping the cargo is a legitimate...
  12. ZombieMouse

    Endos that log out under fire should insta-die

    Allowing third-person view while inside of safe zones and then disabling it when exiting the safe zone IMHO would also be fine.
  13. ZombieMouse

    Ship-based Warp Travel

    I know a few players who only keep playing because civilian capital ships allow them to go anywhere without risk of them being destroyed. If the costs were to increase I would sooner see it take the form of safe zone generators for capital ships and stations costing fuel/energy, than any...
  14. ZombieMouse

    Allow ships to auto-transport over long distances.

    I'm guessing you are asking for it to fly without you aboard, correct? The only problem with this is who will host the ship? If it is just a question of having an auto-pilot, well there are players who have built this in the game already. I used to have a problem of getting bored flying to the...
  15. ZombieMouse

    Endos that log out under fire should insta-die

    This is not really a problem on ships, since nobody logs out when their ship is under fire, as to do so is to give up their ship. I'm not talking about flakey internet here, it is a problem with endos taking small arms damage who then deliberately log out to main menu to prevent themselves...
  16. ZombieMouse

    Plz decrease Rail and Sniper rifle damage vs endo

    One-shot-kill weapons are the only way currently to deal with players who log out upon taking damage. Until such time as combat re-logging is fixed, one-shot-kill weapons are a necessity.
  17. ZombieMouse

    Endos that log out under fire should insta-die

    One lesson I have picked up from the recent events is that if there is to be a long term future for PvP ground fighting (and maybe one day sieges) then something needs to be done about players who log out when they come under fire. Instead of being able to re-log and float to a new location...
  18. ZombieMouse

    Ship-based Warp Travel

    Given that slow ship speeds and travel times are a huge complaint of people who quit, I would say it was clear there is a demand. I still do not own a cap ship of my own despite playing thousands of hours. To me this sounds great.
  19. ZombieMouse

    Ship-based Warp Travel

    I love this idea. There was only one point that I really have an objection to on creative grounds: >the warp drive will be to open a portal that is sufficiently wide for the ship it is attached to, determined by the ship’s bounding box Using the bounding box to determine the size of portal...
  20. ZombieMouse

    What if we had NPC stations buying stuff made or mined by players?

    There are so many things that would have become possible if inventory 2.0 were finished with its item crates. We can only wait and see...