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  1. EllaFB

    Starbase Early Access Out Now!

    Early Access is here! Early Access is here! We are incredibly excited to launch Starbase in Early Access after more than a year in Closed Alpha. The game is still in an alpha stage as we are missing features and gameplay loops, but our vision is starting to come together and it's time to open...
  2. EllaFB

    Here is the last Steam code for Has-Been Heroes (Christmas Calendar - Day 9)

    It is still Monday 9th of December somewhere. So here is the last Steam code for Has-Been Heroes. We hope you enjoy the game! :) Remember that you can also participate on the raffle through our blog, read more from our blog!
  3. EllaFB

    Link the Forum with the Wiki

    Sounds good, added to the list!
  4. EllaFB

    Can the next showcase video be about the "blocks" we can use?

    I think there might be a video about ship building coming at some point (we just need to finish some features before that). Did you mean something like this? :)
  5. EllaFB

    What happen to the like button?

    Locking this thread as like button made its return. :)
  6. EllaFB

    30 Person Developer Battle

    I can forward on the request about this on. But unfortunately I don't think that this will be possible with this battle as we probably need to record the material with better preparation so we to avoid random idle spots in the material where someone run to get more coffee or something. :p
  7. EllaFB

    30 Person Developer Battle

    Here is a new Starbase video showcasing highlights of the recent 30 person developer test battle. In the video you can see an action-filled spaceship battle, detailed destruction, plenty of teamwork, and what was left on the battlefield after the fight. Check out the video if you want to find...
  8. EllaFB

    Forum suggestions? Post it to this thread!

    Noted, we'll see if it is possible to add this option. It is a bit odd at the moment as you can still manually quote the post if you know the post number and the member number.
  9. EllaFB

    We get it.. Starbase is not ARK or Atlas

    Locking this thread but you can continue this discussion in this other related thread, Starbase is not Ark or Atlas.
  10. EllaFB

    Starbase is not Ark or Atlas

    The amount of rental lots inside a station can differ, according to LauriFB typically they start in a range of few hundred to less than a thousand, but it's not a hard limit. A while back Lauri also commented that he was looking for a system where factions could team up and form their own safe...
  11. EllaFB

    Are robots good?

    Did some moderation in this thread. Opinions allowed and welcomed, insulting other users not. But back to the topic at hand. I like robots, but I would personally love if my robot had extra hands, I would probably hit the target better with four guns instead of one! Just kidding, I wouldn't.
  12. EllaFB

    Issue with Polls

    I'll mark this down as a thing to look into. Thanks for the report!
  13. EllaFB

    Forum changelog

    August 14th 2019 Most likes and most messages were hidden from the members tab You can now like posts again (no dislike option coming in the near future, this is still on our list of things to look into) Fav icon added Posts in factions and recruitment board aren't counted to total message...
  14. EllaFB

    Regarding Reddit: Mods and Censoring

    The amount of Frozenbyte moderators on r/starbase has now decreased to two. The ones still hanging around are Kai from marketing and myself from support. Neither of us does any moderation on reddit, but I did just use the tools to add a link to the sidebar. We are hanging around in case all our...
  15. EllaFB

    Regarding Reddit: Mods and Censoring

    We don't actually do any moderating on reddit, so it would be a great time for us to step back. I'll try to remember to discuss this tomorrow at the office, maybe someone could poke me again if I forget it during the night. :D
  16. EllaFB

    Forum signatures (images) are broken

    I feel like this platform is missing all the settings I'd like to insert so I'm just trying to find different workarounds to things I'd like to implement. But maybe we'll get along soon.
  17. EllaFB

    Like Button Discussion

    Changed the name of the thread a bit. I do endorse conversation side of this but it is possible that I might have needed to rephrase myself in that other thread a bit better. So no worries, the decision about the like button is not based on the poll, but we'd just be interested in hearing more...
  18. EllaFB

    Let's Make the Forum's Biggest Check-In Thread

    Moved this thread to introductions, but decided to let it remain open for the time being.
  19. EllaFB

    Forum changelog

    August 12th 2019 Like feature was disabled Option to add pictures and GIFs to signatures was disabled, signatures were limited to 300 characters There is a 120 seconds after writing a message before you can write another one Messages in Introductions aren't counted to your message count anymore...
  20. EllaFB

    Forum signatures (images) are broken

    This is actually our doing as we are looking into ways to limit the signatures, sorry for this. At the moment it is not possible to add pictures or GIFs to signatures, but we'll see if there'd be some options just to limit these in size. Sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you (and the...