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  1. Maximum777

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 17 (2020)

    The vid with the ship going asteroid hunting was amazing, the sense of scale is just perfect,
  2. Maximum777

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 16 (2020)

    Meta dogfighting ships are going to be my focus once this is released and light and fast seems to be formula that works based off of you guys's videos, you just gotta hit your shots.
  3. Maximum777

    Release ?

    Tbh I'm more than satisfied with the increasingly small progress reports and the fact that the reports are seeming to point to a lot of finalization's all around, they seem to be finishing off a lot of the UI and working out the beginning jobs, the fact that they are still fixing bugs is great...
  4. Maximum777

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 15 (2020)

    Yesssssss, the Soon is strong with this one, the Soon indeed intensifies.
  5. Maximum777

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 12 (2020)

    You guys should make a video that's like a fashion show that shows off a bunch of robot armor and allows us to see some of the animations and cool armor types that currently exist in the game, you could make it essentially just tons of different versions or bob, it could be pretty funny tbh.
  6. Maximum777

    Trailer Making-of: 1000 Ships Rendering & Netsync

    Wow, thanks for the invite to how this was filmed, very cool.
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    So the plan is find the meta, exploit the meta, and become the best pilot and ship builder out there, well that's the goal at least. I love any game where I can build anything, hence why my profile image is of a plane I made in SimplePlanes, and I'm extremely excited for Starbase as it's going...
  8. Maximum777

    Is asymmetric spacecraft easy to build?

    I would assume that in the builder there's Center of Gravity/weight as well as Center of Thrust indicators of some kind and that if you line them up your ship will fly straight, and if there are then it would not be too hard to get a ship to fly well even when not symmetrical
  9. Maximum777

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 11 (2020)

    I like seeing how some of the jobs will work in these progress notes, it's very cool to see how things are going and maybe it's just me or are the notes getting shorter every week? which is NOT to imply that your doing less every week, but rather that there's slowly becoming less and less to...
  10. Maximum777

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 3

    Anyone else already imagining the absolutely god tier, incredible looking, and functioning cockpits that are going to exist in this game, eventually like decorated with RGB's, they could even change color depending in what your doing, if you get hit if your mining etc... oh man this is going to...
  11. Maximum777

    Movable/Adaptive Armor

    So I have this fairly simple idea in theory, and while executing it may be complex its still very interesting to say the least, so, based off of the armored windows and a few other moving parts we've seen in dev. videos etc, lets just assume it would work in one way or another. So, I'm imagining...
  12. Maximum777

    Your ship of choice?

    Ship of choice depends, I'd say like 3 main ones, some kind of amazing luxury ship to just be creative with, probably a fast speedy boi with mining in mind, and finally some bad ass attack ship that's incredibly maneuverable but able to take a hit.
  13. Maximum777

    What would you name your ships and why?

    So I have given this some thought and I would say that if you can make a name for you're self and develop an extremely formidable ship than you should make any ships you make based off of a class system, I like the number 7 and a Triple 7 class ship roles off the tongue nicely. I would make a...
  14. Maximum777

    When will the Dreadnoughts come?

    Okay now that's a decent question and one that I plan to get to the bottom of and so far, here's my answer. I predict there will be two main styles of fighters, little ones that are more maneuverable, just like what we saw in the developer battle vid. (but I think their maneuverable in the wrong...
  15. Maximum777

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 1 & 2

    Good point... lets see... I plan to play this like I play Simple Planes, and considering I probably spent a good 5 hours on SP today alone, and the game released in 2014 if my memory stands... I'd likely get some huge number likely in the span of 10 months~ish straight If I added up all the time...
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    Practicality vs. Coolness. Where do you stand?

    I'd say that I'd design functional parts with the intent that it will look good, and if a part has to sacrifice some beauty to work then I say embrace it and make it beautiful in other ways, likely something functional will end up looking pretty in other ways than you'd expect I guess is what...
  18. Maximum777

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 1 & 2

    I can already predict that I will be spending hours upon hours designing and testing ships, this is going to be so much fun.