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  1. Starbase Progress Notes: Week 42 (2020)

    excellent, with the transfer of fuel and energy from one ship to another it will finally be possible to create aircraft carriers, unfortunately, however, I see that there are still no news for new invitations to the closed alpha or some news for the beta ... I'm afraid I don't just have to wait...
  2. "Capital" Turntables

    this is good news, the important thing is that round rails exist, it doesn't matter particularly the diameter because with a little bit of engineering it will be possible to increase the size of the diameters (I already have some ideas in mind) and I'm glad that there are also round rails to...
  3. "Capital" Turntables

    I don't know, actually the small rotating joints could have structural problems, but at the theoretical level one could still make huge structures run, actually it would be much better to have own curved tracks that can create several closed diameters, in order to create more structures robust...
  4. "Capital" Turntables

    are there curved rails?
  5. how do you find your way around starbase?

    Thanks I didn't understand this point, and I really like the idea of beacons.
  6. how do you find your way around starbase?

    how do you find your way around starbase? is there a type of map? or something like that? because I fear that we could lose ourselves in an infinite universe.
  7. What real/fictional ships will serve as your inspiration.

    As I wrote in another discussion I will be inspired by the saga of the gundam with its famous musai and magellano, I can't wait I'm not in the skin when I release it EA !!!
  8. Starbase - 15 Minutes of Uncut Combat discussion thread

    Which is always good and right, death to the kingdom.
  9. Starbase - 15 Minutes of Uncut Combat discussion thread

    a wonderful video to see the robots jumping out of the fighters and fighting in space reminded me of some scenes of the gundam, the most interesting thing is at minute 3, where we see the respawn, but I have not yet understood if it is possible to respawn only on the stations or c is this...
  10. Ship of your dreams!

    songno for days to build one of these two integrating inside also an aircraft carrier system, I'm more oriented for Magellano because of the arrangement of the engines
  11. Incorporating an in-game Ship design element into the real-time MMO, and abolishing a separate Creative mode

    I think the only really important thing is to have a design environment, which then is in online or sandbox changes little, the difference is that if you start everything online the game does not break and there would be more sharing of projects, it would be nice also to create standard models...