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  1. Locutus_vonBORG

    Warp Drives. The game needs them. (Fast Travel)

    Capital ship and the PTU server are just annoying, I play Starbase in the normal game, a PTU currently makes no sense. There are too few players online and for new features you have to switch to the PTU. Why not use the normal game as a test system, Starbase is not in EA anyway, with all these...
  2. Locutus_vonBORG

    Earth Eaters!

    Hello, yes, our Company Chef has built a moon plow (Moon comb) and is currently testing him on the moon. The results are already great. It is further optimized on the ship so that the moon can be processed perfectly. (see german YT Links) YT Video 1 / YT Video 2
  3. Locutus_vonBORG

    What is the plan to make capital ships less boxy?

    It would be great if the stations and capitals could be built in the designer, because building in the easy build is annoying and not particularly fun, in my opinion. :cool:🖖