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  1. Unknown_dimension

    Forums look pretty bleak

    used to be an alpha tester but from my understanding the game kinda isn’t receiving much updates now if at all, rarely any forum posts niether
  2. Unknown_dimension

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 26 (2021)

    Electricity around the capital ship, wonder what that hints to hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice explosions tho
  3. Unknown_dimension

    Feedback fro devs and my appreciation

    Vega 56, aka the only thing that’s hits the minimum requirements per say you can get away with a gtx1650 if I’m correct but Gpu prices are higher than the amount of times dream Gets trending on Twitter so buying a new gpu now is not a good idea
  4. Unknown_dimension

    I have got ca key at last Like the game when played, still haven’t mastered flight as I already...

    I have got ca key at last Like the game when played, still haven’t mastered flight as I already crashed into 2 ships lol
  5. Unknown_dimension

    Feedback fro devs and my appreciation

    i come home around 6pm utc+0 from biology after a test, dunno the results so I just head home, goes upstairs in the bedroom and opens up discord to chat With the chaos legion, sees ping in starbase discord and when opened sees a whole bunch of new channels, reality hits and I check my emai...
  6. Unknown_dimension

    Audio Signal Device Mark II-B ("jukebox") Moderation

    (Note that this can be something entirely different from what it sounds like so this could be old news within a week but if it is what I think it is there may be some problems) I personally have had my fair share of audio systems to play music on, bieng a Roblox regular, you sometimes get...
  7. Unknown_dimension

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 16 (2021)

    Week 16 wait 16 16 ... pog
  8. Unknown_dimension

    How will espionage work

    Cuz social engineering is banned on starbase, and espionage/spying involvez a lot of social engineering will spying on factions be banned to mitigate this issue?
  9. Unknown_dimension

    I’m back from my burnout from this game Joined chaos legion Roblox faction (as of yet they...

    I’m back from my burnout from this game Joined chaos legion Roblox faction (as of yet they haven’t made plans to move to starbase and probably never will but eh) Still waiting on CA Observing since 2019 Guess I’m gonna wait, hope to make a planetary monarchy/capitalist faction based on air...
  10. Unknown_dimension

    Air farming

    Capitalism HECK YEA
  11. Unknown_dimension

    To all engineers: What will YOU try to achieve in StarBase?

    that would be a complex but great idea if you manage to execute this right your well on your way to be the first starbase trillionare the only small inconvenience is other forms of payment e.g collective chips, yo would have to watch the exchange rate between the chips and credits to make sure...
  12. Unknown_dimension

    Can i build a ship that can split into two?

    that’s a great possibility of lag as the game recognises it as one ship of either of u were far e.g one at origin and another at mount gate the game will recognise as a really long ship with lots of dimensions causing lag one thing that may happen (but I’m no programmer or server maintainer to...
  13. Unknown_dimension

    Hoping to get ca soon

    Hoping to get ca soon
  14. Unknown_dimension

    Saltberia and neutrality

    Saltberia is supposed to be under empire rule so picture this scenario lodestar goes to war with empire and kingdom (unlikely) if lodestar captures a prisoner and sends them to saltberia empire can just free them how will saltberia work so that it is neutral and not alighned
  15. Unknown_dimension

    PVE or AI?

    Theoretically you can make PVE in the game by making and programming a ship using yolol, to attack new players and miners if your that evil
  16. Unknown_dimension

    Will starbase support Linux

    I recently scavenger hunted a laptop and flashed Linux to it to make it more secure and faster which gave me the question in the title and if so what distributions e.g debian/debian based e.g Ubuntu ubuntu based distros e.g Linux mint opensuse red hat Linux/red hat based e.g fedora arch...
  17. Unknown_dimension

    Who would like to see/participate/bet on SPACE RACES?

    Boi I’m in for betting a few credits on races
  18. Unknown_dimension

    Game generation bugs of infinite galaxies (and worlds)

    An infinite generating galaxy is possible to have generation bugs that are either game breaking or broken in its entirety causing performance problems, we had already seen what happened to minecraft beta with the far lands and I do think world generation bugs are possible in starbase, given its...
  19. Unknown_dimension

    Will starbase support 32inch ultra wide and 49 inch wide screens

    I think dis would be a great idea since you will be able to see more of your cockpit and may be good using manned turrets