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  1. Plz add grappling hook to board ships

    Who want to use Tractor beam to attach ship to another... simple as grappling method for land ship to another ship hull will be nice, as you say grappling method as personal stuff is amazing idea
  2. Plz add grappling hook to board ships

    it will be good to atach your ship to another.. but.. i dont know if game can do the maths
  3. Designer Sugestion, and others

    can be, but still have "limitation of volume inside halls so, A big box need to be created i think, or an upgrade of station,, To be more realistic than put things inside a small box wich is an "station", also it will be good for share between players i think 6-Add a tool or an option in...
  4. Is the game still being worked on? If so, could you post an update on whats to come?

    there we go again.. back to keen's hand :P, how is possible 10 years later no one can beat that one.., i was put so much expecting on this one.. i am a little disappointed
  5. Post for posting! Post! Post! Post!

    Post, no admin no updates dead game?
  6. Designer Sugestion, and others

    1-symmetry is the primary function that we all want ç 2- Add an option to replace the name of the selected variable in all the items simultaneously, it is tedious to have to put the same name to 40 propellers, generators etc Ex: Apply to everything selected (as long as the item is clearly the...
  7. Starbase Progress Notes: Week 15 (2022) - Tools & Items insight

    still no simetry at designer?
  8. EA Update 8.2.2022 (Early Access Build 789)

    The work is very good but... There is still no symmetry art design: / which by the way is the only interesting thing that can be done at the moment..
  9. PTU Update 14.1.2022 (PTU Build 752)

  10. Starbase Progress Notes: Week 49 (2021) - Spaceship insight

    I think they should consider implementing something gradual ... too much waiting
  11. Starbase Progress Notes: Week 49 (2021) - Spaceship insight

    animated " repairing hall will be interesting.. like something doing another somehting inside your ship, Game starting to be a " arcade ", Game have fantastic Thrusters control realims.. and in the oposite side have this things.. like 2 clicks a voala, ship repaired o be constructed from...
  12. PTU Update 3.12.2021 (PTU Build 735)

    , no point .. simetry can bee add as simple , i dont know why is not stock function, we wan simetry every one want simetry ..
  13. PTU Update 3.12.2021 (PTU Build 735)

    simple as click and build a line,, as for example SE there's no point in lose twice of time doing same thing from 1 side to another, copy rotate and paste is no same thing special if ship is not identical as i say.. every desing game has it why not here, there is a troture made a ship for...
  14. PTU Update 3.12.2021 (PTU Build 735)

    Why i not readig ADD SIMETRY TO Ship Designer.. _Come on guys..