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  1. Waluijay

    Ship-based Warp Travel

    This was an incredibly well put together 'daydream' lol. I am a massive fan of seeing different games' Warp Technology, and this is a pretty awesome idea! I love every part of this design overview, and hope to see parts of it incorporated should Starbase pick up development again!
  2. Waluijay

    Starbase Community News: April 2022

    Sad to see you guys stop Community News, and equally sad to hear things will be slowing down a lot. I hope one day to see development on Starbase pick up again, but I wish you all the best and that your other projects do well! o7
  3. Waluijay

    PTU Update 14.4.2022 (PTU Build 846)

    Amazing to see the blueprints feature slowly coming in! Much love FB
  4. Waluijay

    EA Update 8.2.2022 (Early Access Build 789)

    Amazing to see FB! Excited for more to come!
  5. Waluijay

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 3 (2022) - Weapons and tools insight

    These look fantastic! Thanks for keeping us in-the-loop!
  6. Waluijay

    Change Forum Username

    If possible, could a Forum Mod/Admin change my Username from 'LootKraiyt' to 'Waluijay' ? This account was created over a year ago when I went by a different alias, and I'd like my Forum Account to reflect my in-game identity. Thanks for any response/action! <3 (Also I'm not sure if this...