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  1. MrFaul

    Been away a while.. how is it now?

    Here is the thing, if money really the issue I don't get it why they don't turn to crowd funding... There is a clear indicator that a lot of people gladly would spare a buck or more a month just to continue development in a more timely fashion. But it could be very well that they don't want this...
  2. MrFaul

    Why is Lunar mining not working?

    Well you'll have to wait for next week then. If it isn't something new at least steps to get it working again are now documented. Just needs a dev to restart/boot the moon servers.
  3. MrFaul

    Plz add enemy list

    This is on the ToDo list, with a whole other bunch of social tools. All we can do is wait... At the current progress maybe in a decade or so :rolleyes:
  4. MrFaul

    Make pvp a choice, like decent games do.

    Sheesh, the google translator is mean again :LOL: You really should put that in your signature, never mind the language. Just that you are using it. But I have to agree with pavvvel. While I absolutely loath ganking its just a game play part. Currently its to OP since there are virtually no...
  5. MrFaul

    The blueprint system is killing this game

    When you buy a ship in SB it is yours a "physical thing", you can do whatever you want with it. You automatically get a snapshot of its state for repairs, you can modify it to your hearts content and create a new snapshot to repair to that state. You can disassemble it and learn from it, which...
  6. MrFaul

    The blueprint system is killing this game

    Uhm could you please rephrase that, I really don't get your point... Like at all... I don't want this to be misunderstood. Seems to be important to you.
  7. MrFaul

    Plz add SHIP RECYCLING device

    It will probably turn out to be something similar to the furnaces, so a stationary device on a station or capital ship. I doubt that there will be a ship variant of the tool. The current tool is more like a broom to clean house than something intended for broad scale use. E.g. it allows you to...
  8. MrFaul

    The blueprint system is killing this game

    The point "SSC removes players" from the universe is invalid: 1) it's a in-game tool, you have to launch the game in order to use it. 2) it is multi player for f-s sake 3) there is absolutely nothing wrong with a tool that is designed to build ships is better than "in-field" abilities 4) the...
  9. MrFaul

    The blueprint system is killing this game

    Honestly Vexus, the more I read from you lets me believe that you don't like the ship editor because you are jealous of what other people are able to archive with it. So many of your "points" are hot air, that gets blown away time and time again by sound arguments but you are still relentless...
  10. MrFaul

    Suggestion pack from ji

    All of your points are known. The game is still in the alpha, and most of your points are quality of life features. Those can wait. There are a lot of more pressing matters to attend currently.
  11. MrFaul

    Make research matter, not tech unlocks.

    What? First: the SSC is in the design document of SB, and is especially for the engineers in the target audience. SB isn't a kids game, it is meant for a mature audience. It is supposed to go more into the sim direction instead of the game direction. Second: do you even know the SSC is multi...
  12. MrFaul

    Plz add automatic ship disassemble

    That probably won't happen... Could be, and would nice but I doubt it. I don't know if even the repair hall stays for ever, at least in it's current version. I think the repair hall will be nerfed down the line so it can only repair minor damages.
  13. MrFaul

    Plz add ship BP as steam Item

    Because FB loses control as soon a third party is involved. This is also something that needs to be native in game. It is also a complete nightmare concerning intellectual property because Valve takes ages to react if issues arise. It is also a complete ripoff... Valve, not the devs, takes a...
  14. MrFaul

    Make research matter, not tech unlocks.

    Hell no... If you want "ship progression" play SE... (Yes this is sarcasm, thx for pointing it out) The SSC is one of SBs major selling points, it is going nowhere. (ESB probably will and should, hopefully) You like to remove something that is a fundamental part of SBs economy and soul. I agree...
  15. MrFaul

    Make research matter, not tech unlocks.

    You dislike the idea, noted. Honestly, I'm not fully on board either. But that's the best I've come up with, and I'm pondering about this quite a while now. There has to be some sort of a long-term progression system you need te reward long-term commitment. Roadblocking something behind an...
  16. MrFaul

    Make research matter, not tech unlocks.

    TLDR: Research character buffs and item quality, f unlocks. Endos are robots, unlocking "parts" as roadblocks is just plain dumb for an entity that is literally technology it self. IMO the availability and acquiring of the necessary resources to build a thing is roadblock enough, no need to add...
  17. MrFaul


    Than as sad as it is Starbase won't give you what you want. It is not a shooter!. Investing time in that niche gameplay aspect that isn't a major part of this game right now would be a face punch to larges parts of the community that want nothing more than the creative aspects of the game. That...
  18. MrFaul

    The blueprint system is killing this game

    Steam workshop isn't the way to go here, it's external tool with very little control. Valve is extremely slow in managing the workshop should a issue arise. (And trust me on that one, there will be tons of issues... And it's a nightmare to deal with them.) Community fan based tools are already...
  19. MrFaul

    Plz add ship BP as steam Item

    Nope steam market BPs won't happen. This will and must be handled completely in game. Doesn't stop people to black market it anyway. But this will only be a problem if the in-game tools suck.
  20. MrFaul

    Plz add kickstarter project

    This game doesn't need Kickstarter anymore. For the purpose to collect funds is way too expensive right now. And there doesn't even seems to be an interest currently in additional funding. Even so a lot of people in the community wouldn't mind to jump in to throw a couple of bucks their way...