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  1. Azelous

    To all engineers: What will YOU try to achieve in StarBase?

    Automating the creation of ships. The factory will grow.
  2. Azelous

    Getting Started Guide

    Having just done the beginning gameplay loop, I did not find assembly to be very profitable. I never averaged more than 4,000/min. Meanwhile with asteroid mining I was able to average 11,000/min. I very much agree with purchasing the Hauler first. I started with the Tug(?), the small miner. It...
  3. Azelous

    Ways to limit gun spam and glass cannons

    Quite agree. New ideas that the community would appreciate could tip the balance too far if implemented with a nerf. Should the new features not create optimal balance, I think this conversation would be relevant.
  4. Azelous

    Ways to limit gun spam and glass cannons

    The game needs a reason not to have a ship covered only in guns, being small is a reaction to that meta. A buff in armor or an increase cost for using so many guns, both would see fewer guns used. Suggestions: Ammo heavier Ammo require more space on ship Turrets heavier to reduce turn rate on...
  5. Azelous

    Moon estates

    Unlike stations, based on moons would experience gravity. As would any object approaching the base. Usually this is not a concern for stations as the game decelerates objects in normal space. Should one want to siege a base on a moon, I think accurately dropping anything with mass or that is...
  6. Azelous

    What are some interesting trends you've seen or expect from the in game economy?

    I plan to pump as many ships as possible into the economy. Mining is likely going to be the most popular activity, and so I heavily expect a surplus of resources unless stations are released. I hope the economy is capable of real time price posting and able to present information in a way that...
  7. Azelous

    Do you think the ship market between players will be established?

    Depends on how people share ship designs. If people have access to tons of free designs, such as through Steam workshop, it will be a very small economy, consisting only of people looking for and selling prebuilt and/or unique ships.
  8. Azelous

    Closed test

    Nobody knows how long they’ll wait. Only about a hundred were initially invited, and I’m guessing about 300 currently have access. This is out of the likely thousands of submissions to join the closed alpha. I would not set any expectations as far as when or if you or anyone else will be able to...
  9. Azelous

    Are we gonna be able to have harpoons?

    I think devs may not want to do harpoons due to rendering the cables. They would have to make a decision: cables phase through ship hull, or cables wrap around ship which is a physics implementation unlike anything else in the game. If they're going for either, I think they should go for the...
  10. Azelous

    Magnetic-Locking Rollerblades

    Jeez. Realistic science in video games is a supporting attribute, not the ultimate decider on content. I’m not daft.
  11. Azelous

    Strafe Spamming?

    A serious concern of mine is strafe spamming. This is present in games that either lack or have incredibly high horizontal acceleration, Overwatch being an example. In this, people are able to spam left-right controls to make themselves incredibly hard to hit (a trainer someone made to learn to...
  12. Azelous

    Developer run events

    This is an unsustainable and biased model. If the devs were to have an event about it, they would be throwing a bone to large nearby factions capable of crowding out any competition. Solo players would not be able to engage with this content. In addition, you're only benefiting a small subset of...
  13. Azelous

    Poll: Rental lot privacy.

    That’s a bit too much power.. In response to the thread, invisible walls are never an answer that I want to see. I’m not sure about a one way damage model, but I’m highly supportive of a bounty system. I would personally be fine with anyone being able to come and go, however the devs have...
  14. Azelous

    Magnetic-Locking Rollerblades

    Magnets work from a distance, but the force of attraction decreases exponentially as they leave the surface of attraction. This is before even considering the rotational forces involved in a stride when attempting to run with mag-boots in a zero-g environment.
  15. Azelous

    Magnetic-Locking Rollerblades

    @TGess had an excellent idea on r/Starbase that we should have rollerblades. This is an amazing idea. With magnetic boots, it is literally impossible to run in a zero-g environment. The act of running requires there be no feet on the ground between strides. This is problematic when in a zero-g...
  16. Azelous

    Official Forums vs Reddit vs Discord

    Yeah, Discord is the best for notifications. I would would rank Reddit up there for news and updates, but you don’t always get notifications from Reddit. It’s usually you happen to come across news as you’re browsing.
  17. Azelous

    Official Forums vs Reddit vs Discord

    Which of the three do you think facilitates “better” discussion of the game? From my own experience: Discord has the most consistent discussion, but is unsorted and consists of conversations that span many lines of text. Good source of info if you search the Discord for phrases. I would rank it...
  18. Azelous

    Movable/Adaptive Armor

    Yeah.. not going to be worth it. No way you’re going to be able to satisfy the structural stability and make a ship with that many moving parts. In addition; placing the thrusters would be an absolute nightmare.
  19. Azelous

    Robot repair

    I believe the torso houses the intelligence of the robot, so I don’t think you will be able to replace your torso with another’s. As far as robot repair, I doubt we’ll get anything as modular as replacing individual parts. It will probably be an item that repairs or some sort of system on a...
  20. Azelous

    When will the Dreadnoughts come?

    Well, the game is not available to the public, so we can only guess. We do not know the price of building a ship, but we do know that the large imperial ship built by the devs is close to the limit of the physics engine as of last we heard. They have said that the size limit will be based on...