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    PTU Update 20.8.2021 (PTU Build 564)

    It specifically says it gives Valkite, and it's just for testing functionality atm
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    Research + Crafting Progression Values WAY too high

    These 2 replies are wonderful, thank you. I appreciate your openness about mistakes and what's being done to resolve issues. I honestly can't think of a better EA launch... Not in terms of bugs or smoothness, but in terms of how well a dev team has communicated about problems and worked quickly...
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    Research + Crafting Progression Values WAY too high

    The values have been slashed to about 40% of the previous values, on average. This is a good start, but values are STILL too high. Before, it required an insane, completely over-the-top grind to unlock anything. Now, it requires a very annoying, unnecessary grind to unlock anything. Better...
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    Research + Crafting Progression Values WAY too high

    Edit 8/19 - At this point after multiple patches, I find the crafting tree values to be in a fairly high, but acceptable range. I think getting Blue is a bit steep and difficult, but given that unlocks PvP things, I understand. EDIT: The values have been slashed to about 40% of the previous...
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    Clarification about dev faction blueprint sharing (don't do it)

    Why exactly do you care about empire ship blueprints? Seems fishy.
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    The Primary Goal Before EA Should Be Completing the Gameplay Loop

    Good to know all these are not only on your radar, but that you understand the importance to get them in before Early Access.
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    A navigation system is needed.

    This is a critical game issue, and will remain so until resolved in some way. It's such a fundemental issue that it causes the following problems: Friends cannot find each other Exploration becomes useless, because if it's virtually impossible to ever re-find your position Any important...
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    A navigation system is needed.

    Excellent idea. I was wondering how to implement a nagivation system quickly and easily, and that seems a great solution that can be implemented quickly. Inability to find friends or even group members, or find where you crashed your ship, or re-find that huge xhalium asteroid cluster, are all...
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    The Primary Goal Before EA Should Be Completing the Gameplay Loop

    As more and more testers get further into the game, and the new player experiences, ship designer, and Quality Of Life feedback points are being given, I think it's important to keep the following in mind: A thousand small issues can be overlooked if the core gameplay loop is complete, solid...
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    The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Day 1

    Some early feedback: The game looks and feels amazing. The movement around the world, the flying of ships, the mind-breaking ability to change your “down” orientation at a whim. I love the music and sound effects of ships flying by. Instantly inspires awe and makes you think “I want it. How do...
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    About publicity of the game 【CN】

    It sounds like he is using a translation software, and is warning that when the game is localized to another language and an agreement with some firm is made to bring it to a different region, FrozenByte should be very careful who they choose for the task, as some do bad stuff.
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    Has a recommended internet speed been mentioned?

    That's stupid slow. That's much slower than the 4g we get floating around freely in the middle of a brick basemet lined with lead. May god have mercy upon your souls.
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    Limited Sandbox Discussion

    I find it extremely telling that the OP was unaware of the ship designer, and so was asking for a "limited sand box" with the functionality limited to what's already planned for the ship designer. Then, when he learns about the designer, he then asks for all the functionality that would have...
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    Limited Sandbox Discussion

    I find this whole thread pointless. The whole premise of the OP is based on a fundamental misunderstanding: There WILL be a limited sandbox mode... it's called the ship designer. You will be able to create designs and fly them around to test basic functionality, all without spending resources to...
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    Trailer Making-of: 1000 Ships Rendering & Netsync

    My suggestion would be to have large swaths of the moon be static and "too dense to be mined" or some other lore reason, while other huge sections are minable, in a quarry-like fashion. Possibly have 1 material per quarry location. Edit: this is assuming the ability to have the whole moon a...
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    Crisis of Conflict: Is there a reason to go to war in Starbase?

    No... you just don't understand the scale. There's something like 900 trillion asteroids in the ring. It would take several thousand years to mine it all out assuming a gigantic population. It's unlimited in the general sense, but you can mine out everything within 30m of you or so, making...
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    Passive/Unpowered Docking (Carrier Ships)

    Unpowered is one part of it, but the other large reason is reducing the incredible design overhead in finding real estate to fit all of the necessary beams at their necessary angles. Docking clamp allows you to dock a wider variety of shaped vessels to a much wider variety of locations on the...
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    Practicality vs. Coolness. Where do you stand?

    A car is a box with some minor aesthetic flourishes. A tank is a box with no aesthetic flourishes, with a big gun attached Most planes are big tubes with wings, with some minor aesthetic flourishes. --- Efficiency always, always wins out in the end. Once you get close, then you have some...
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    Passive/Unpowered Docking (Carrier Ships)

    Nothing is preventing you from still using cargo beams as the method of creating a carrier, if you can make it work. The suggestion would simply provide an additional tool to our arsenal as engineers and designers. The cargo beam option would still have some advantages, even, like much reduced...
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    Passive/Unpowered Docking (Carrier Ships)

    Beautifully demonstrated in a recent progress video, carrier ships are possible via cargo beams: While this is quite exciting and remarkable, I am concerned with the viability of actually using this method in practice. While we don't know the specific values of how much power is required to...