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  1. LauriFB

    Lingon_'s shower and 02:00 thoughts

    Viable large ships have been a dream of mine ever since SB development started. I'm not giving up on them, but admittedly there are certain challenges. I don't want to create a situation where multi-crew is required nor a situation where single seat fighters are obsolete, so large ships need a...
  2. LauriFB

    Starbase's Top Issues #9: The Death of a Dream - The SSC

    I must say I didn't read it all, but what I understood the SSC is the issue. I'd like to offer alternative perspective. SSC currently hoards most of the the dozen players, as it's the only well-done part of Starbase. However, those who use it, are truly hardcore players - a regular space MMO...
  3. LauriFB

    Starbase's Top Issues #8: The Dangerous PTU

    What's easy with PTU: shutting it down when it's not needed. Other solutions would take time away from the actual development. Upcoming features are near impossible to test feasibly without even larger cheat buttons than what PTU now has.
  4. LauriFB

    Starbase's Top Issues #7: Lack of Hold Aim-Down-Sights and More

    Hold ADS option sounds easy fix indeed. 3rd person drone could perhaps work if it's destruction would mean a timer to get a new one.
  5. LauriFB

    Starbase's Top Issues #6: "Free" Gameplay Mechanics

    This is a mixed bag for us, but at least some form of station upkeep and limiting station/cap inventories is something we're committed to. The repairing and such, while I agree the idea behind it, is very HC approach, and I think we need to find some other angle to tackle the problem. I...
  6. LauriFB

    Starbase's Top Issues #5: Little Early Game Direction; Dev Factions

    We've been discussing this a lot, and here's some of the challenges/thoughts we have encountered so far: Having permanent, fixed factions would be overkill, counter-intuitive for end-game purposes (player companies as factions), and includes a lot of work Using "just" dev companies or...
  7. LauriFB

    Starbase's Top Issues #4: Ship Ownership, Stealing and Salvage

    Great points, and lucky for us, I think we can fix most if not everything listed here. To summarize my understanding of what we should do: Allow stealing/change of ownership outside safe zones. However, this needs some ruleset and also includes option for additional gameplay, for which I need...
  8. LauriFB

    Starbase's Top Issues #3: Developer Intervention

    We have planned some features which allow us to not refund everything. But it will be a slow transition towards that.
  9. LauriFB

    Starbase's Top Issues #1: Cannot Begin From Nothing

    It's a great point, and we had plans to enable this but the dev halt unfortunately ment halting even easy fixes. As it's rather easy fix, we'll do it certainly.
  10. LauriFB

    Progenitor Mine, a Daily PvP Territory Control Objective

    From development perspective, there's a lot of siege features coming which could be used in this: Destruction for the fun and tactics. We have the tech, and there's also coming support for auto-repair (with resources on player stations). This would mean that for the event station the repair...
  11. LauriFB

    Rogue Drones or, Adding More Game-Driven Content

    My latest answer was a general clarification to all of the discussion in this thread and to various other threads. I did answer to your suggestions specifically earlier, which was very different in it's contents and included some speculation how the suggestion could be possible. Now, to...
  12. LauriFB

    Rogue Drones or, Adding More Game-Driven Content

    A few notes from our perspective: Traditional NPC's are widely used for a reason All the points made in this threat in favor for traditional NPC's are valid and verified in every other game. It's not that we disagree with this, but instead that we want to achieve more depth, and we have a...
  13. LauriFB

    Rogue Drones or, Adding More Game-Driven Content

    I think there is a theoretical many people wins -spot in AI's: Source ships and possibly route/function design to players, and we would focus on the required AI functionalities and tech side. But like always, anything like this would require huge amounts of development from our side as well...
  14. LauriFB

    Ideas for changes to current belt tech to promote activity - // Hotspots

    We'll reconfigure the Eos belt hotspots at some point, since current ones are so light that most people do not know they even exist. There's also coming even more obvious and dense hotspots, the mega asteroids. These indeed work pretty well together with exploration mechanics. New challenges...
  15. LauriFB

    Elaborating on the roadmap.

    Moon mining will indeed be interesting, as everything on the moon turns into resources. The regular moon surface is usually valkite, and then there's veins all around. Especially large base/infrastructure projects should be easier to do due to the abundance of valkite (and in some cases other...
  16. LauriFB

    Capital Ships FAQ

    Alloy compositions have not yet been released, and could be that we keep it secret until all that stuff goes live. :D
  17. LauriFB

    Thoughts about stations

    There's coming a longer range reconstruction machine for stations. In addition we'll most likely add support for binding to at least a few reconstuction machines. The chaining could work without breaking the game, as your inventory doesn't transfer with you. In the future if you transfer from...
  18. LauriFB

    Elaborating on the roadmap.

    Most if not all of our upcoming features revolve around a few key goals: To add meaningful content To add meaningful, fun interactions between players To reduce time spent to reach said interactions Capital ships unlocks reasonable access to the remaining moons, while moon mining and other...
  19. LauriFB

    Chargeless Capital ship travel

    Indeed, outside siege capital ships will be able to initiate travel at slower speed (which most likely is around 1 km/s). They can opt also to charging the ship before starting the travel, which will increase the speed significantly. Total time spent should be the same.
  20. LauriFB

    Thoughts about stations

    Brief comments: Hangars for player stations and capital ships are under work. Hangars will allow storing ships, and later will include ssc access and repair hall. Station access rights, both personal and company level, will be improved a lot over time Company Storages will come in form of...