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  1. Erador

    Please read before working on combat rebalance.

    I think one way is to fix the rails is to ignore the fracture (critical) damage if the volume of the hit part is small, and just penetrate it. And do fracture damage only when there is a huge thing.
  2. Erador

    Starbase's Top Issues #9: The Death of a Dream - The SSC

    There can be a community tender opened to make the best ship that will follow the given standards.
  3. Erador

    Starbase's Top Issues #9: The Death of a Dream - The SSC

    @LauriFB [PB] Alkash actually has a good starter ship: it's like a constructor which can be easily upgraded. There is also bolted text panels on different spots with the notes or explaining things. So, if there is will be no EBM, the ship has predefined spots where you can bolt additional...
  4. Erador

    Lingon_'s shower and 02:00 thoughts

    Well, I will keep from this discussion on a distance until the first real battles (to test and see the META and so on). Although, I want to note one thing: you are missing the point that there is also "fixed" and "turret" like ships. Currently, there is no problems with the big ships if they use...
  5. Erador

    Aries News Corps Vision Article #1 - The Game

    Well, there gonna be some discussion regarding the new features, so you can put your ideas there
  6. Erador

    Add a normal way to sell/buy ships at auction.

    It's already planned
  7. Erador

    Starbase's Top Issues #9: The Death of a Dream - The SSC

    Hahahaha, I like that FB understands this :giggle: * I haven't read the discussion, just were replying to the first message, and only then took a look on the thread itself.
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    Starbase's Top Issues #9: The Death of a Dream - The SSC

    Man, I think you just nailed it (y)
  9. Erador

    Starbase's Top Issues #9: The Death of a Dream - The SSC

    - I don't want spend my whole lifetime to build a single ship with 400 crates in the most tedious and painful way. If you enjoy building the ships by hand, please do but do not force other people to go your way. - It's a nonsense, so I hope the people of Discord have already tried to explain...
  10. Erador

    Starbase's Top Issues #8: The Dangerous PTU

    PTU has nothing to do with the player base reducing, so it's a misbelieve. From my POV, the PTU is one of the rare good things that happened to the game.
  11. Erador

    Starbase's Top Issues #6: "Free" Gameplay Mechanics

    Are you following the discussions on Discord? It looks like you are missing a lot of information. > "Free station inventory storage ", "Another problem is having multiple accounts", "free inventory is completely without risk of losing the resources", "free ship storage at stations is another...
  12. Erador

    PTU Update 21.4.2022 (PTU Build 852)

    Looks like it can be mounted on the ship itself, not only on torpedo. (It was possible before (like, we had a speedometer before))
  13. Erador

    PTU Update 21.4.2022 (PTU Build 852)

    Am I sleeping? Don't wake me up.
  14. Erador

    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 15 (2022) - Tools & Items insight

    What is special of the ships in the pictures
  15. Erador

    Every day I wait :(

  16. Erador

    How to make the game more real-world friendly

    By the way, there is a rule from EVE: "Never leave a station, if you don't have another similar ship in hangar"
  17. Erador

    Make some cosmetic life on the moon.

    Intro: It's an idea for the moon city, with the the current stage of the game development view. Idea: Let's add some pedestrians and flying city ships for the moon. Even if they will be only cosmetic (so they have no physics and you can just walk through them), it will add illusion of not dead...